Who Will Change Alex Trebek?

On Nov. 8, Alex Trebek passed out following a battle with pancreatic cancer, leaving his loved ones along with also a 30-year relationship heritage. Trebek was open about his struggle with cancer, declaring it to Jeopardy! lovers ago in March 2019, also providing updates during the last year and a half. While his loved ones, lovers, and other actors share their fond memories of Trebek along with the game series, a lot people were wondering — that can replace the mythical host?

Since it happens, there is not a definitive answer at the moment. Back in July, while being interviewed by Good Morning America, Trebek quipped on his best choice for a new audience:”I joke with the crowd constantly and I say,’Betty White,’ simply because they need someone younger, someone adores.” As soon as it’s safe to presume that Betty White will not really be the replacement, the Jeopardy! team is not releasing any info at the moment. According to the official site,”the series isn’t announcing plans for a new host in the moment.”

We could nevertheless appreciate greater Jeopardy! episodes with Trebek since the sponsor — Trebek’s episodes will broadcast via December 25 (that he had been filming as October 29). Even though Jeopardy! may not ever be the same without Alex Trebek, his legacy will continue through the iconic game series.

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