Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Tiles winner 14 Decades | UK News

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire crowns first winner in 14 years | UK News

A Politics and History Instructor Was Hailed as the first Champion of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

in 14 years.

Donald Stress, 57, today plans to devote a portion of his / her 1m prize money to a car home into vacation round the united kingdom.

The father of four, that reside in Telford, accurately answered the closing 15th query concerning the passing of a famous star in 1718 (scroll down to find the issue ).

Mr Panic, that has been married to his wife Debs to get 33 decades, is that the sixth winner in the ITV programme 22-year history.

The series runs from the household as his former brother Davyth won #500,000 as a contestant on precisely the identical programme this past year.

Mr Panic and his wife embarked on a bus excursion along the Northumberland shore with his wife following his triumph.

The few planned to go to Santander, Bilbao and Pamplona in Spain prior to going to the Pyrenees, but had been thwarted by COVID-19.

explained how he’d be spending his second vacation, Mr Fear showed he planned to purchase a motor home and see”wonderful Britain”.

He explained:”Much as I’d like to jump on another plane to the States or anything like this, it is simply not an alternative.

“Therefore for the second it is fantastic Britain, likely Wales first of so a motor home in Wales is exactly what I will devote million pounds ”

Picture: Mr Stress is observed at the minute he found out he’d won 1million

Jeremy Clarkson, the show’s host, stated Mr Stress was just like”with the Encyclopaedia Britannica sitting ” and added:”It is Google, at a mind”.

Mr Panic, who described himself as a”piece of a democratic socialist”, stated he intended to devote at least 70percent of his winnings into members of his loved ones and pay the remainder to a”comfy retirement”.

He rubbished the concept of purchasing an Aston Martin sports car or shifting home, stating:”It is in a beautiful area and I have been around for 27 years”

After winning the 2nd fastest finger round of Friday’s series, Mr Stress said that he had been”at the zone promptly”.

But he confessed:”Then my second matter to negotiate was putting on the seat since I was somewhat concerned that I was going to drop off… because I have very short legs.

“I had been concentrating, I had been sitting since entirely still as I could, therefore this thing about (me ) cool and cool is really me trying to not make a complete fool of myself on national television”

The last question he replied properly was”Back in 1718, that pirate died in fight from the coast of what is now North Carolina?”

The response wasBlackbeard.

“I am a dates guy,” he explained.

“You do not be a history instructor for 33 years without even understanding a couple of dates, along with the date 1718 and Blackbeard jumped out at me immediately.”

Picture: Jeremy Clarkson in comparison Mr Stress to’Encyclopaedia Britannica’

Mr Panic just utilized one of his lifelines, 50:50, to acquire the jackpot, even leaving his”call a friend” and”request the bunch” options fresh.

The episodes had been pre-recorded with no studio audience because of COVID-19, together with contestants granted the choice of a dual”call a friend” instead of requesting the viewer.

Mr Panic celebrated his triumph with his brother, that he asserted was the intelligent sibling.

He explained:”He’s so happy for me.

“We proceeded to spend an evening at a hotel with all our grandparents a week and got totally plastered and that he kept poking me stating how happy and overjoyed he was it.”

Ingram Wilcox had been the previous winner of the best trophy, going all of the way in 2006.

In most, five contestants formerly won the 1 million prize on the united kingdom edition of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Initially was Judith Keppel at November 2000.

For the final query, then-host Chris Tarrant inquired:”That king had been married to Eleanor of Aquitaine?”

Ms Keppel properly responded Henry II.

The 15 queries Mr Fear responded properly to win 1million (answers at the bottom)

1 – Number 100

In the united kingdom, the abbreviation NHS stands for National exactly what Service?

Humanity / Health / / Honour / / Household

two – Number 200

That Disney character superbly leaves a glass slipper behind in a royal ball?

Pocahontas / Sleeping Beauty / Cinderella / Elsa

3 – Number 300

What title is given to the revolving belt machines in an airport which provides checked luggage out of the plane to luggage reclaim?

Hangar / Terminal / Concourse / Carousel

4 – Number 500

Which of the brands was mainly related to the manufacture of locks?

Phillips / Flymo / Chubb / Ronseal

5 – Number 1, 5 000

The hammer and sickle is just one of the most famous symbols of that political ideology?

Republicanism / / Communism / / Conservatism / Liberalism

6 – Number 2,000

Which toys are promoted using the term”robots in disguise”?

Bratz Dolls / / Sylvanian Families / Hatchimals / Transformers

7 – Number 4, respectively 000

What exactly does the term loquacious imply?

Angry / / Chatty / Exquisite / Notebook

8 – #2,000

Obstetrics is a division of medicine especially concerned by everything?

Childbirth / / Broken bones / / Heart ailments / old age

9 – Number 16,000

In Doctor Who, exactly what had been the signature appearance of their Doctor, as depicted by Tom Baker?

Bow-tie, braces and tweed coat / Wide-brimmed hat and additional long sleeves / Pinstripe suit and coaches / Cape, lace coat and frilly shirt

10 – #32,000

Which of those spiritual observances lasts for the shortest amount of time throughout the calendar period?

Ramadan / Diwali / Lent / Hanukkah

11 – Number 64,000

In the nearest point, that island class is just 50 kilometers north of the shore of Florida?

Bahamas / / US Virgin Islands / / Turks and Caicos Islands / Bermuda

12 – Number 125,000

Structure of that of those renowned landmarks was finished first?

Empire State Building / Royal Albert Hall / / Eiffel Tower / Big Ben Clock Tower

13 – Number 250,000

Which of those cetaceans is categorized as a”toothed whale”?

Gray whale / Minke whale / Sperm whale / Humpback whale

14 – Number 500,000

Who’s the only British politician to have held every four”Great Offices of State” at any stage during their livelihood?

David Lloyd George / / / Harold Wilson / James Callaghan / John Major

15 – Number 1 million

In 1718, that pirate died in fight from the coast of what is now North Carolina?

Calico Jack / Blackbeard / Bartholomew Roberts / Captain Kidd


1) Health two ) Cinderella 3) Carousel 4) Chubb 5) Communism 6) Transformers 7) Chatty 8) Childbirth 9) Wide-brimmed hat along with additional long scarf 10) Diwali 11) Bahamas 12) Big Ben Clock Tower 13) Sperm whale 14) James Callaghan 15) Blackbeard

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