Who Killed Sara? Season 2 ending explained – Cliffhanger Leaves Viewers Perplexed

Who Killed Sara? Season 2 ending explained
Who Killed Sara? Season 2 ending explained

Finally, after two long seasons, we have the answer to the titular question of this popular Netflix series. However, things aren’t as plain as it seems. Even though we found about Sara’s “actual” killer, there is another twist hanging at the door. Who Killed Sara season 2 recently aired on Netflix, and its conclusion left many viewers scrambling their heads.

We certainly have an answer, but it’s not a definitive one. There are still some left open threads, and hopefully, season 3 will cover them. For the time being, let us understand what happened in the final moments of Who Killed Sara Season 2 and find the killer’s identity.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Ending Explained

So Who Was the Killer?

Marifer is responsible for Sara’s death, or at least that’s what she believes or maybe what the show wants viewers to think. In any case, before getting smeared from a falling piece of Casino, Marifer confessed to committing the murder of her friend to Alex and Elisa.

And the motive for her action wasn’t something deep and complex. She was just hurt about Sara’s remark telling her to die, and this became her driving motto for killing her.

Even though we now know about the “killer,” the story doesn’t end here as more information is revealed at the finale’s end.

There Are Other Culprits

Alex and Elina may now believe they’ve found Sara’s killer, but actual perpetrators are still roaming free. Nicanrdo and Dr. Alanis are the two people who derived the plan for Sara’s murder.

We get to know about this at the very last moment when we see Nicandro engaged in a call. He’s looking for some files and comes across a folder written “SG – First patient of the project” on its backside.

Sara and Dr. Alanis’ Connection

Sara isn’t any stranger to Dr. Alanis. He was her doctor when she had a mental illness. We’ve known about her mental problems for a while now through flashbacks scattered across the series. Dr. Alanis may have involved her in this fishy project that ultimately leads to her demise via treatment.

Who Killed Sara? Season 2 ending explained

Marifer and Sara are Sisters

Yes, that’s right, both of them are sisters, however only half-sisters. Sara’s father had another child, and it was none other than Marifer. What makes things even more interesting is that Sara got her mental illness from her father.

So it is highly likely that Marifer may have also inherited something. Another likelihood suggests that Dr Alanis could’ve conducted similar experiments on Marifer and drove her to murder Sara.

That’s the story of Who Killed Sara Season 2. Though we got answers to many questions from season 1, the second season of it has generated even more questions. The cliffhanger doesn’t help, but we will have to wait for the following seasons to get the answers.

So what do you think this first project is about? How are Dr. Alanis and Nicandro involved in Sara’s death? Let us know what you think by commenting down below. For more movie updates and reviews, follow us on our social media handles.

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