Who Is Zach Wilson Dating Currently? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Who Is Zach Wilson Dating

Zach Wilson, the quarterback for the New York Jets, is still playing frequently despite it being the offseason.

After his ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile, also 22, accused the Brigham Young University sensation of sleeping with his mom’s close friend, the 22-year-old has found himself playing the lead in a real-life soap opera. Gile is apparently seeing Washington Commanders wide receiver Dax Milne, Wilson’s former college roommate, which heightens the tension.

Zach Wilson’s new girlfriend is Nicolette Dellanno.

Wilson, 22, was there when the Tampa Bay Rays were defeated 4-3 on June 15. And the identity of his enigmatic date from that evening is now established. Nicolette has over 35,000 Instagram followers and uses TikTok frequently. To the joy of her social media admirers, she routinely posts glam photos and bikini pics.

While waiting to get ready for training camp, Wilson has been making the most of the remaining July activities. The Jets will report to training camp on July 19 in preparation for the 2022 NFL season. Wilson shared a photo with some of his loved ones online in the final days of his trip.

Who Is Zach Wilson Dating

The young quarterback uploaded a photo of himself on a boat off the coast of California with the caption, “Time with the Fam!”

Wilson allegedly had a romantic involvement with his mom’s closest friend, according to his ex-girlfriend.

Although Zach Wilson’s on-field problems with the New York Jets during his rookie season are well documented, he has done well for himself off the field.

Last year, Wilson dated Abbey Gile, who became well-known after a pornographic film featuring her went viral. Beginning in January, the couple made their divorce official. Later, Wilson was spotted with a brand-new version. Since then, the Jets quarterback has made an attempt to stay out of it, but this week he has found himself there once more. Nicolette Dellanno is 20 years old.

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Wilson was seen sitting next to popular blonde Nicolette Dellanno at a recent game between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays.

It will be fascinating to watch whether Wilson or the companion he was with ever publicly address the attention they have received as a result of the release of the film. Wilson is accustomed to making headlines for this sort of behavior, though.

Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile split up for what reasons?

Who Is Zach Wilson Dating

Zach Wilson is currently dealing with some turmoil off the field after having a less than successful debut season with the New York Jets. Since they were both teenagers, Zach has been seeing Abbey Gile, and she even went to the NFL Draft with him. The two, who were high school sweethearts, secretly deleted each other from their Instagram accounts at the beginning of 2022.

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Who is Abbey Gile, Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend?

Zach Wilson, a quarterback for the New York Jets, previously dated Abbey Gile. She attends Utah Valley University and is a standout member of the school’s dance team.

A wide receiver with the Washington Commanders Dax Milne is thought to be dating Wilson’s former girlfriend, who was once his college roommate.

The Jets quarterback has since been spotted with Nicollette Dellanno, a TikTok influencer.

How long did Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile date?

Who Is Zach Wilson Dating

The New York Post said that Gile and Wilson had been dating since high school. The pair, who had been together since they were youngsters, divorced in January 2022.

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Zach Wilson’s Net Worth

Including a $23 million signing bonus, a $35.15 million guaranteed value, and a fifth-year offer! By placing a heavy strain on the lowest layer of jets, such enormous payloads raise their net worth.

With the New York Jets, Zach Wilson makes an annual salary of about $8,787,670. The quarterback’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million when taking into account his extravagant earnings and wealth sponsorships.

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