Who is the Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037?

Who is Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037?
Who is Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037?

The spoilers and leaks for One Piece chapter 1037 are out and it has sparked a debate along with the community because of a certain shadowy figure that appeared at the end of the chapter. The fans are already making theories and assumptions about this individual and their probable identity.

Oda is known for throwing curveballs here and there throughout the series. We’ve seen him dropping legendary stuff like the reveal of Rocks Pirates, Imu’s appearance, and a few more pretty randomly. This time around, he’s introduced a new character (or someone we already know) to spice things up in Wano. What could be this shadow person’s identity? Let’s find out.

Who is the Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037?

The Shadow is Big

From what we know from the spoilers, it appears that the shadow is quite huge. Now, in the world of One Piece, being huge isn’t a unique trait. There’s a giant race in One Piece that is commonly seen throughout the series. However, that might not be the case for this particular shadow.

When Gorosei talked about it, they were shocking. They didn’t expect this figure to appear at this moment. From their conversation, it is evident that this shadowy figure was in slumber for centuries. Hence, it is highly possible that it is from Void Century and carries a huge relevance in the world of One Piece.

From Gorosei’s conversation, it seems like this individual is something the government doesn’t want to mess up with. Furthermore, it feels like it is antagonistic towards WG. This could be the reason why it arrived in Wano to stop government ships to infiltrate the island. With the release of the chapter, we will possibly learn more about its identity.

It May Not Be Too Big

Okay, while the shadow that appeared was quite big, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual will be big too. Maybe, it was just a huge reflection of their body that culminated into a bigger shadow. If you could remember, there was an incidence where Luffy’s shadow appeared to be big after he rang the bell. So that could be the case here as well.

In any case, this isn’t the first instance where we are seeing the appearance of a huge shadow. At the end of Thriller Bark, after Luffy and his crewmates departed from the island, we saw a silhouette of three giant shadows to this day, we don’t know about their identities. So this shadow and those shadows may have something in common.

Who is the Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037?

Special Devil Fruit

Apart from the importance of shadowy figures, there was also a discussion about a particular devil fruit and how World Government had hidden its name. It is not Gomu Gomu fruit, that much we already know. This leaves only one possibility and that is Blackbeard’s Yami Yami no Mi.

It’s quite obvious at this point. Blackbeard had been looking for this particular devil fruit for his entire life and to obtain it, he even killed his comrade. How did Blackbeard know about the importance of this fruit? Well, an assumption is that he obtained this information directly from Rocks. We’ve seen many theories pointing towards the relation of Blackbeard with Rocks, so it’s highly possible.

If you look at it, Yami Yami no Mi is truly an anomaly in all of the devil fruits. Despite being logia, the person using it still gets hurt by a physical attack. However, it allows users to create a black hole to store objects and other stuff inside. This is the kind of power that is unique, even in the world of One Piece.

Maybe World Government has now come to realize the kind of threat Blackbeard poses to them. If after they attempted to hide the devil fruit, it was still taken and probably by the worst possible guy. As the new revelations surface, we will learn more about this topic.

What do you think is the identity of this shadowy figure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. For more One Piece updates, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz and Mangaplus.

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