Who Is Thanasi Kokkinakis Dating? Dive into the Secret Love Life of the Aussie Tennis Star

who is thanasi kokkinakis dating

Thanasi Kokkinakis is an Australian professional tennis player. Born on April 10, 1996, in Adelaide, Australia, Kokkinakis has been recognized for his talents on the tennis court. He gained attention for his breakthrough performances, including reaching the third round at both the 2015 and 2023 French Opens.

Known for his powerful forehand and impressive first serve, Kokkinakis has been a consistent presence on the professional tennis circuit. He achieved a career-high singles ranking of No. 65 in the world. Over the years, he has participated in various Grand Slam tournaments and ATP Tour events. While fans are captivated by his on-court performances, there’s a curiosity that extends beyond the baseline – a peek into his personal life. In this blog, we delve into the romantic side of Thanasi Kokkinakis, exploring his relationship with Melbourne-based influencer Hannah Dal Sasso.

The Love Match: Who is the Queen of his Heart?

who is thanasi kokkinakis dating

In 2023, rumors of Thanasi Kokkinakis dating began to circulate, piquing the interest of fans and gossip enthusiasts alike. The lucky lady at the center of it all was none other than Melbourne-based influencer Hannah Dal Sasso. With roots in the fashion industry, Hannah runs a business that underwent a rebranding from HDSRENTALS to Styled By Mim. The business, which rents out designer dresses for events, reflects Hannah’s fashion-forward sensibilities.

Hannah Dal Sasso: The Influencer

Hannah Dal Sasso, whose age remains undisclosed but is reportedly in her mid-20s, has left her mark in the influencer landscape. With collaborations with brands such as Showpo and Secret Sneaker, she’s proven to be a force in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Her journey includes attending a high school in Melbourne and pursuing higher education at Deakin University, providing a glimpse into the woman beyond the Instagram posts.

The Love Story Unveiled

who is thanasi kokkinakis dating

The tennis star and the influencer reportedly started their journey in 2023, making their first public appearance at the Glamour on the Grid party ahead of the F1 Grand Prix in March. In a candid statement to Fox Sports, Hannah shared, “We met a few months ago, I’ve been traveling with him for a bit.” Their connection seemed to extend beyond the tennis court, bringing forth a dynamic that intrigued fans and followers.

Rumors of a Split

who is thanasi kokkinakis dating

As with any celebrity couple, the spotlight also shines on the ups and downs of their relationship. Recent reports suggest that Thanasi Kokkinakis might be back in the dating game. The Daily Mail reported sightings of him on the celebrity dating app Raya, six months after his supposed romance with Hannah Dal Sasso began. Additionally, Kokkinakis attended the Piper-Heidsieck Summer of Tennis launch in Melbourne without her by his side.

Despite the swirling rumors, both Thanasi Kokkinakis and Hannah Dal Sasso have chosen to remain tight-lipped about the current status of their relationship. The famously private couple has not commented on the alleged breakup or any other details surrounding their personal lives. As fans eagerly await clarity, Hannah’s social media posts, such as her celebration of the 2024 Australian Open, offer glimpses into her life – sans Kokkinakis.

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While Thanasi Kokkinakis continues to make headlines for his achievements on the tennis court, the enigma surrounding his romantic life adds an extra layer of intrigue. The question of who Thanasi Kokkinakis is dating remains unanswered, leaving fans in anticipation of the next chapter in this love story. As the tennis star navigates the court and his personal life, the world watches, eager to unravel the mysteries of his heart.