Find Out The Rumored Relationship Of Tana Mongreau

who is tana mongeau dating?

Tana Marie Mongeau (born June 24, 1998) is an Online personality from the United States. She is recognised for posting “storytime” videos and other related stuff on her YouTube account. Tana had a strict upbringing. She has already discussed the continual fighting in her family. She also had a stalker in second grade who may or may not be stalking her now. Tana imprisoned him, but he was later released, and she believes he broke into her former residence. Being up in Las Vegas also introduced her to parties, drugs, and alcohol at an early age. Mongeau soon attracted fans after joining YouTube. Other YouTubers she has worked with include Jonah Green, Cody Ko, Polina Beregova, Channon Rose, and Ricky Dillon.

Tana Mongeau’s dating life

who is tana mongeau dating?

Tana Mongeau certainly appreciates her independence, but the popular YouTuber has been involved in multiple relationships throughout her blooming career. Tana’s relationship history includes Bella Thorne, Lil Xan, Mod Sun, and Jake Paul. Currently, the former MTV reality star, who identifies as pansexual, appears single.

And ready to mingle! On the other hand, Tana has a few requirements for her future boyfriend if she decides to settle down again. Tana ultimately makes a point of being open about her love life (and sex life!) to inspire her followers. “I always want to inspire those young girls to do whatever they want with their bodies and to make their own decisions and not let anyone, especially men, take that away from them,” she said. That is nicely said, lady! Tana is always authentically herself, no matter who she’s seeing – and that’s something to appreciate.

“I think I’m definitely at a position in my life where if the connection isn’t worth giving up so much of my time and energy and stuff like that,” the “Hefner” singer recently told Life & Style, adding that “dishonesty” is a significant red flag for her.

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Tana’s early life

Tana Mongeau was born to Rick and Rebecca Mongeau on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tana stated on MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 that her parents lacked parenting skills, causing her to suffer a rough childhood. She had a strict upbringing. She has already commented about the continual fighting in her family. Mongeau also had a stalker in second grade who may or may not still be stalking her. Tana had him imprisoned, but he has since been released, and she fears he broke into her former residence. Being up in Las Vegas had also exposed her to parties, drugs, and alcohol at a young age.

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Tana’s career

who is tana mongeau dating?

Her “storytime” videos are her most well-known. Mongeau announced on Snapchat on February 10, 2017, that the FBI was probing her after someone hacked into her accounts and “delivered a bombing and shooting threat to McCarran International Airport.” Mongeau posted a video titled “The N Word” on January 24, 2017, which has received over 7 million views.

In the video, she narrates an incident with a tour member (later discovered as YouTuber iDubbbz) who ordered her to “say nigger” in response to Mongeau’s tweet to iDubbbz, calling him to kill himself for his comic use of the slur in his YouTube videos. In response, iDubbbz posted a video explaining her hypocrisy, including instances where she had previously and publicly disparagingly used the phrase. Mongeau apologised for using the slur in a video posted on February 17, 2017.

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