Who is Sun God Nika? One Piece Discussion

Who is Sun God Nika? One Piece Discussion
Who is Sun God Nika? One Piece Discussion

In One Piece chapter 1018, we learned about an individual figure that appeared in ancient times. According to Who’s Who, when he was in a prison, a guard mentioned him to it. He said that in ancient times slaves would always pray to this being called “Sun God Nika” in hopes that he would free them. Sun God always brought laughter to everyone’s lips and got rid of everyone’s suffering.

The One Piece community is already buzzing with theories for this latest reveal. People are trying to connect this lore back to previous chapters. Turns out, there have been multiple mentions of Sun God Nika spread throughout the manga. So who is Sun God Nika exactly? Let’s find out.

Who is Sun God Nika? One Piece Discussion

Who is Sun God Nika? Is It JoyBoy?

JoyBoy is the very first name that comes to mind when mentioning Sun God Nika. This connection directly derives from the thing Who’s Who mentioned. He revealed that Sun God would bring joy to people. The name of JoyBoy resembles the characteristics of Sun God. But this again begs the question. If it’s the same person, why would people know him by different names?

Joyboy’s Promise

During the Fishman Island arc, we learned that JoyBoy wrote an apology to Fishmen. It was carved on a ponygylph and was later confirmed by Robin. Who’s Who says that slaves believed this God would come and free them. It’s just speculation but this could be related to the apology. Maybe, JoyBoy was unable to free and save all Fishman slaves. Hence he wrote the apology explaining his disdain.

Mentions of Sun God Nika

Fans of the series have pointed out some of the mentions of Sun God from various panels of manga. One of those mentions comes from a girl who was about to get sacrificed while Nolan was visiting Shandoran village. Now it’s not confirmed whether it’s the same Sun God in the discussion, however, this certainly makes things intriguing.

Another mention of Sun God was done by Lady Carmel during Big Mom’s flashback. It confirms that Oda had already planted the seeds way back for this plot point. Mostly, the mentions have been related to Shandora. An interesting thing about Shandora is that we know it has an ancient history. So it does make sense for it to be associated with the figure in the discussion.

We will likely go back to Shandora and its existence in the next few chapters. Also, it’s the possibility that their faction could be the one that joined JoyBoy in a war that happened 800 years ago. It’s all speculation but it does make sense to a certain extent.

Luffy’s Connection With Sun God Nika

Luffy’s Connection With Sun God Nika

The silhouette of Sun God resembles Luffy. Especially in the Skypie arc when Luffy and his crew were dancing around the fire. Another thing to notice here is that Sun God’s limbs look like they’re stretchable. This means that he could be the possessor of Gum-Gum fruit at that time.

The reveal of Luffy’s fruit in the last chapter and now information about Sun God can’t be a coincidence. It all ties together with the connection fans have been making for all these years. Luffy could very well be JoyBoy for this generation. And more than likely, JoyBoy could be the people in history who’ve eaten Gum-Gum fruit.

What do you think about the identity of Sun God Nika? Leave your thoughts down in the comments and let us know. For more One Piece content, make sure to follow us on social media.

Sun God Nika – One Piece Chapter 1018 – Luffy’s Connection Confirmed?

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