Who Is Sofia Franklyn Dating? Everything You Need to Know!

who is sofia franklyn dating

Previously, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn had co-hosted the Call Her Daddy podcast with David Portnoy. Sofia has started her own podcast, Sofia with an F, and plans to open a company a year after the feud with her ex.

The COVID-19 outbreak is just one of many things on her plate right now. Many of Sofia’s fans, despite this, are still eager to learn more about her.

Listening to the podcast, Sofia and Alex discussed their dating experiences in great detail, without mentioning any specific man by name.

How has her love life evolved since then, and is the mysterious “Suitman” still a part of it? Many questions remain unanswered due to Sofia’s adamant desire to keep the matter private for the time being.

In the Present Day, Who Is Sofia Franklyn Dating?

Anyone would be intrigued to learn more about Sofia Franklyn’s boyfriend. There is widespread speculation that the actress has been seeing an HBO sports executive for some time. Pete Nelson is the executive in question. For their part, they tried to keep their relationship private. Nelson has been reinstated as a “suit man” because of his silence.

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To keep his true identity a secret, she began calling him “Whitman.” Because of the virus, the actress and her mother have relocated to Utah.

In an April podcast episode, listeners learned about her safe return to New York from Utah, where she had been quarantined due to an epidemic.

When she was looking for an apartment in New York City, she found a one-bedroom apartment in SoHo that she was excited about, but her boyfriend asked if they could share it.

It had been a long time since she had lived with her current lover, but in her podcast, she expressed her desire for solitude and said she was unsure whether she wanted to continue living with him in the long term. There’s no doubt that he’s not a newcomer to her life, even if we don’t know who he is.

What Is the Story Behind Sofia Franklyn?

U.S.-based internet sensation Sofia Franklyn is well-known around the world. A podcaster and blogger, she was born on July 22, 1992. Sofia Franklyn, a 28-year-old actress, has been in the entertainment industry since 2004. She earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Utah, where she now lives in Salt Lake City. After working in the financial sector for some time, she decided to enter the entertainment industry.

Relationship with A Person

When Sofia Franklyn has a new love interest, everyone wants to know about it. Many people believe that the actor has been dating a sports executive from HBO for some time. The executive in question goes by the name of Peter Nelson. In addition, the couple tried to hide any information about their relationship from the public. However, Nelson was able to maintain his status as a “suit man” because of this matter of silence.

She began referring to him as “Whitman” instead of his real name in order to conceal his identity. Though a lot of people think they’ve called it quits on their relationship now. However, these rumors have not been confirmed by the two parties. Due to the pandemic, the star currently lives with her mother in Utah.

Sofia/Alexandra attempted to leave Barstool after a few weeks of contract disagreement, according to a New York Post article from May 2020. According to the New York Post, the women involved in the incident were each earning $75,000 a year at the time.

For every 10 percent increase in audience, the winners will each receive a $2,500 prize. In the beginning of April 2020, Franklyn and Cooper took a protest break from filming episodes. It was claimed by a source that Sofia’s boyfriend and HBO exec Peter Nelson had secured another deal for the couple at another company while he was still under contract.

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Since Barstool’s founder David Portnoy revealed two new contracts with high six-figure salaries and the chance to recover their intellectual property, Those familiar with the situation say that Cooper was willing to accept the offer, but Franklyn was not, according to this person.

“Sofia with an F” became Sofia’s own show at some point.