Who Is Simone Ashley From Bridgerton Currently Dating? Find Out All You Need To Know

Simone Ashley also known as Simone Asheini Pillai is a British actress who became famous for her performances in the Netflix series Bridgerton. Fans of the actress are curious to know who she is dating.

Simone Ashley Early Life And Career

who is simone ashley dating

Simone Ashley gained recognition for her role in the Netflix series Bridgerton which started airing in 2022 to 2023 and Sex Education from 2019 to 2021. She was born to Indian parents Latha and Gunasekharan.

Simone Ashly’s parents immigrated to the United Kingdom from India and were hesitant about her interest in acting. Simone Ashley grew up learning classical music and playing the piano.

who is simone ashley dating

Ashley went to Beaconsfield High School and later followed her sixth-form education at Redroofs Theatre School in Maidenhead.

Simone Ashley spent most of her early years in Ojai, California where most of her relatives are living. She went on to study acting at Art Education School in West London.

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Who Is Simone Ashley currently Dating?

who is simone ashley dating

Simone Ashley is currently in a relationship and she is dating Tino Klein. Simone Ashley confirmed her relationship with her boyfriend Tino Klein through an Instagram post.

The actress shared a cute moment with Tino at a recent party they went to together which was captured by photographer Greg Williams. Fans are reacting to the photo about how Tino looked like Max Medina, a character from Gilmore Girls portrayed by actor Scott Cohen.

The couple was seen sitting close to each other laughing and holding hands. Simone Ashley also applauded the photographer for taking her favorite pictures. The photo was taken at the Netflix BAFTA party in London where he accompanied her as a guest.

It is still unknown when the couple started dating but reports are suggesting that both meet at the F1 race in Monaco.

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Who Is Tino Klein?

who is simone ashley dating

Tino Klein is an entrepreneur and he is the current CEO of the GP Ice Race. Before his career working with Porsche, Tino served as a corporate lawyer. He obtained a Bachelor of law degree from King’s College London in 2010.

He received the Kings Collage Law prize Jurisprudence while he was there. Tino Klein obtained a Master of Law from Queen Mary University of London and graduated in 2012.

Tino also received a distinction in his legal practice course at BPP Law school and worked as a lawyer I’m London from 2013 to 2019 and spent a year working as a strategic adviser before joining GP Ice Race as CEO.

Simone Ashley’s Past Relationships

who is simone ashley dating

Simone Ashley was first linked with Luke Richardson who was older than her and was also her senior and was working as a coffee brand manager when they met in East London Cafe. The couple moved in together and later moved to Los Angeles.

Simone and Richardson’s relationship, however, did not last long and they broke up two years after dating. Richardson who is a former drummer with the Indie rock group The Draytones decided to leave California.

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