Sheryl Crow Has Three Engagements but Was Never Wed

who is sheryl crow married to

Sheryl Suzanne Crow is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and musician. Genres as diverse as rock, pop, country, folk, and the blues may all be heard in her songs. To date, she has released eleven studio albums, five compilations, and three live albums, and has made contributions to the soundtracks of a number of films.

Infancy and Formal Education

Crow is the daughter of Bernice (née Cain), a piano teacher, and Wendell Wyatt Crow, a lawyer and trumpet player; she was born in Kennett, Missouri. Former congressman Charles A. Crow was her great-grandfather (1873–1938). She is one of three siblings; her older sisters’ names are Kathy and Karen, and her younger brother’s name is Steven.

who is sheryl crow married to

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Crow was a majorette and an all-state track athlete at Kennett High School, where she competed and won gold in the 75-meter low hurdles. During her senior year, she was involved with the school’s pep club, National Honor Society, and National FFA Organization, and she won the title of Paperdoll Queen in a beauty pageant judged by local celebrities.

She attended at Mizzou and graduated with a BS Ed in music ed in ’84. She was a member of the campus band Cashmere and performed with them. She participated on campus as a leader for Summer Welcome, a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society, and Sigma Alpha Iota, the International Music Fraternity for Women.

If Sheryl Crow Has Been Married, How Many Times?

Although she’s been engaged several times, Sheryl Crow has never really gone down the aisle. Crow has been publicly engaged three times, but the last time was in 2006 when she was broken up from ex and famous cyclist Lance Armstrong. She hasn’t been specific about the other two exes, but she doesn’t seem to be holding any grudges against them for breaking off their engagements. According to her more conventional outlook, “It’s better to have three broken engagements than three divorces,” she told ABC News.

Crow is not against the idea of marriage despite her terrible luck; she just wants to do away with the extraneous details the next time around. After being engaged several times, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not for me. “If I were that close to getting married, I’d go ahead and do it,” she told PEOPLE.

who is sheryl crow married to

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Crow has been outspoken about the priority she places on being a good parent and her desire to provide a secure environment for her kids at home. She told PEOPLE that “wanting to walk down the aisle is difficult when you have kids.” She also shared with The Guardian that she “made a deal with myself that my kids would know whomever I was associated with as a friend first” in 2019. No one would be sleeping in their bed the morning after the relationship ended, and they wouldn’t have to worry about being abandoned.

Just Who Else Has Sheryl Crow Dated?

Crow’s other high-profile romance was with actor Owen Wilson, who she dated after her marriages to Armstrong and Clapton. She revealed that the song “Safe and Sound” from her album C’mon C’mon was written about him in the liner notes and that they had dated for two years after meeting in 1999 on the set of The Minus Man.

Following her breakup with Wilson, Crow dated The Good Wife star Josh Charles, but that romance didn’t last either. He went with her to the Grammy Awards in 2003, but their relationship soon fizzled out.

After working together on the country ballad “Picture” in 2002 and again on the song “Collide” in 2011, fans began to wonder if Crow was dating Kid Rock, although both artists have denied any romantic involvement.

For the time being, Crow is unmarried and has thought about her past relationships with famous guys. My entire dating history has been comprised of extremely successful men, which may make you think that I am on par with them “she disclosed to the magazine Good Housekeeping. “The result is that one of us shrinks, and it was always me. I agree with the sentiment that “sometimes everyone else has to dim their light in order for one person’s light to shine.”

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