Who Is Long Time Partner of NFL Player Saquon Barkley?

who is saquon barkley dating

Saquon Barkley is one of the best running backs in the NFL, and this season he could be the Comeback Player of the Year. We don’t know much about his life outside of football, though. The running back for the New York Giants is dating model Anna Congdon right now. Congdon was born in Forest City, Pennsylvania, on June 6, 1998. He has two brothers and sisters: Cassidy Congdon and Dann Congdon.

Congdon went to high school in Pennsylvania at Forest City Regional High School. It was here that she became interested in basketball and began to play it in high school. Congdon went to Penn State University after high school. She is a model on Instagram and a social media star known for posting great photos.

She works for the VSCO photo company, which helps amateur photographers improve their skills by giving them knowledge and tools.

How Barkley and Congdon Met?

Before Barkley became a famous NFL player, he and Congdon met in college. Congdon started school at Penn State in September 2016, and she joked on Instagram, “Penn State University… where the girls are always hot and the beer is always cold.” Barkley was on the Penn State football team at the time.


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In December 2016, they went to a Pi Kappa Phi fraternity formal together. “He’s fine on the field, but you should see him on the dance floor,” Congdon wrote in the caption of a photo from the event that was posted on Instagram. By February 2017, they had made their relationship official on Instagram, and she sent a sweet photo to her “two-six” to wish him a happy 20th birthday. She works for the VSCO photo company, which helps amateur photographers improve their skills by giving them knowledge and tools.

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They Are Parents of Two Kids

who is saquon barkley dating

They have a daughter together named Jada Clare Barkley and a son named Saquon Barkley Jr. Congdon wrote on Instagram that her daughter’s name is 💗Jada Clare💗 and that she weighs 8 pounds 4 ounces and is 20.5 inches long. She also said that she loves her in a way that can’t be put into words.

Jada Clare is a big fan of her dad’s, and in September 2021, the Giants’ Twitter account posted a video of her encouraging him. “Hi, Daddy! Good luck, Daddy! Be very careful. Run very quickly like this, “in the video, she says. “Run faster! Touchdown! Be safe, Daddy. Try your hardest! I love you.”

Barkley talked about his daughter soon after she was born. He said, “I’m just honored and blessed to have Jada as my daughter and to be able to become a father. I always have to try to set the standard for her because she’s going to base her idea of a man on me.”

Congdon and Barkley had their second child together, a son, in September 2022. He said that Saquon Jr. was a “beautiful baby.” He added, “He makes the room bright. Amazing smile. Jada is being an amazing big sister. Anna, you’re obviously a great mom. We have a lovely little family.”

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Anna Is Barkley’s Number-One Supporter

who is saquon barkley dating

Barkley left Penn State early to enter the NFL draft in 2018, and he didn’t finish his degree until May 2022. He said, “Everyone pushed me.” “My parents pushed me to do it, Anna pushed me to do it, and I was glad to finish it.”

The running back wanted to graduate not just for himself but also for his family. “I also thought it would be good for my siblings and my family if I got my degree,” he said. “I want my kids to be goal-setters who know that if they put their minds to something, they can do it. I would love for them to say one day, “I want to do this and actually see it happen.”

Congdon cheers for Barkley in public and shares his social media posts. In January 2023, she tweeted, “I support Saquon #WPMOYChallenge Barkley” to get people to vote for him and help him win the Walter Payton Man of the Year competition. The player who wins the NFL charity challenge gets $25,000 to give to a charity of their choice.

She posted a picture of her and her daughter smiling at one of Barkley’s early games. She also shared the congratulatory tweet from Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to Barkley “Also, the big blue jersey with the number 26 on it WILL be the best-selling jersey in America next year. Taking all bets!!!? Little brother @saquon can’t wait.”

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