Who Is Riley in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Who Is Riley in Hbo’s the Last of Us?

We understand if you get confused when you watch The Last of Us on HBO because there are a lot of characters and plot points introduced in a short amount of time. You might be wondering who Ellie’s buddy was and what happened to her that everyone keeps talking about her so sadly. Luckily, we have compiled a guide based on the question you’re probably thinking: Exactly who is Riley in The Last of Us on HBO, and where can we find her?

In the HBO Series the Last of Us, Who Is Riley and Why Does She Matter?

Who Is Riley in Hbo’s the Last of Us?

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With that out of the way, let’s just say that Riley is a character from the downloadable content for The Last of Us: Left Behind who used to be Ellie’s buddy and then her love interest in the HBO show.

They first met at a military school for youngsters in the Boston Quarantine Zone before the events of the series. Their animosity toward one another faded with time, and they became and stayed close friends because of their mutual defiance.

When Riley eventually left the academy to join the Fireflies, Ellie was left feeling lonely and bereft. After some time had passed and Riley had returned, Ellie told Riley how she felt about her. Riley agreed, and for the first time the two were completely vulnerable with one another.

However, the two teenagers had to try to make their way to safety after being ambushed by infected, cutting short their moment of happiness. Just as they’re about to reach safety, Ellie slips and falls into the area where the infected reside. Even though Riley rushed after her and saved the day, she and Ellie were both bitten in the process. To avoid killing each other or themselves, the two chose to wait out the virus together.

Who Is Riley in Hbo’s the Last of Us?

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Does the Last of Us End with Riley’s Death? Answered

Unfortunately, Ellie found out she was immune in this way. Riley was still very much alive and well before she succumbed to the virus and died. As they continued their search for Riley, the Fireflies eventually came across her and brought her back to their base to figure out how to exploit her immunity. Eventually, it was decided that she should be relocated to one of their more cutting-edge facilities across the country, where she eventually met Joel and the story proper began.

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