Who Is Piper Rockelle Currently Dating? A Look At Her New Relationship!

Piper Rockelle is a famous American social media star and a teenage girl who is one of the trending stars on the internet now. Rumors have been circulating that the internet star is currently in a relationship. This article will cover everything you need to know about internet stars.

Piper Rockelle Biography

who is piper rockelle dating

Piper Rockelle is an American actress and social media influencer. She is famous on Youtube and has over 10 million subscribers. She is known for posting prank videos and challenges and also for extracurricular activities such as singing, dancing, and gymnastics.

Piper Rockelle also got recognition as an actress for her role in the American series Mani in 2017. She also featured in the reality television series Piperazzi. She also has notable songs like Treat Myself and Butterflies. Piper Rockelle at a young age has gained popularity and a big fan base.

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Who Is Piper Rockelle Dating?

who is piper rockelle dating

Piper Rockelle is currently in a romantic relationship with Lev Cameron Khmelev. Piper Rockelle’s love life has always been the subject of intense interest. But the famous YouTuber after months of speculation has confirmed that she is dating Lev Cameron Khmelev.

Piper Rockelle confirmed the rumors through an Instagram post with the caption “You are the key to my heart”. The pair have been dating since 2021 and have been celebrating their love with lovely pictures on their social media pages.

Lev Cameron has also been featured on her famous star YouTube page and isn’t averse to pranking each other for content. The pair meet in 2019 and began as friends when they were members of the Squad. They started dating in February 2020.

Who Is Lev Cameron Khmelev?

who is piper rockelle dating

Lev Cameron Khmelev also known as Lev Cameron is an American dancer, actor, and YouTuber. He is popular for posting prank videos and challenges on his Youtube channel. He is also a well-known dancer and has been featured in various dance competitions.

Lev Cameron was born in France to a Christian home. He moved to California in the United States of America shortly after his birth. Lev Cameron has a net worth of $2 million and majorly earns through his Youtube channel and dancing as well as acting.

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Piper Rockelle Past Relationships

who is piper rockelle dating

Piper Rockelle was in a relationship with Walker Bryant and Gavin Magnus before she met Lev Cameron. Walker Bryant and Gavin Magnus are also teenage internet celebrities like Piler Rockelle. For a long time, rumors were circulated that she was in a relationship with Walker before she confirmed her relationship with Lev Cameron.

Gavin Magnus revealed in an interview admitted he was missing Piper Rockelle but he couldn’t stand the toxic environment Piper’s mother was creating. In a tell-all video posted he described their relationship as more of business than friendship and how her mother controlled aspects of his life.

Gavin Magnus wanted to exit the relationship peacefully but Piper Rockellle’s mother was not happy about the situation and started a social media campaign #unfollowGavin which caused him a lot of followers. However, the loss did not affect his decision to leave the relationship.

What Is Piper Rockelle’s Net Worth?

who is piper rockelle dating

Piper Rockelle has a net worth of about $3 million. She has millions of followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Toktok. She bought a house from actress Bella Throne and moved to the house I’m California in 2020. She shared the house and its furnishings on Youtube.

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