Who Is Phaedra Parks Dating Post-Divorce? The Hot Tea You Need to Sip

who is phaedra parks dating

The world of reality television has always been fascinated with the personal lives of its stars, and one name that has consistently piqued interest is Phaedra Parks. Known for her authenticity in a realm often dominated by pretense, Phaedra’s journey from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta (RHOA) to her current stint on Married To Medicine has been nothing short of captivating. Amidst all the drama and success, fans can’t help but wonder: Who is Phaedra Parks dating now?

Medina Islam and Marriage Boot Camp: Are they Dating?

who is phaedra parks dating

In the post-Apollo era, Phaedra entered into a relationship with actor and rapper Medina Islam in 2019. The couple even appeared on Marriage Boot Camp in 2020, attempting to strengthen their long-distance relationship. However, despite their efforts, the connection didn’t endure, leading to their breakup in 2021.

With her return to reality TV on Married To Medicine season 10, Phaedra has chosen to keep certain aspects of her life more private. While it is known that she is in a relationship, the identity of her current partner has been shrouded in mystery. Phaedra has revealed that her boyfriend is a doctor in the Atlanta area, and the relationship has been going well. Notably, her boyfriend has met her sons, Dylan and Ayden, and has garnered their approval.

Life After Apollo

Following her divorce from Apollo Nida in 2017, Phaedra became more discerning in her choice of relationships. While her departure from RHOA that same year raised questions about her future on reality TV, many have tried to keep up with her personal life.

Phaedra’s RHOA Journey

who is phaedra parks dating

Phaedra Parks first made her mark on the reality TV scene in 2010 as a main cast member on RHOA season 3. Already a successful attorney with her law firm, The Parks Group, she navigated the complexities of her personal life under the public eye. Her marriage to Apollo Nida, documented on the show, was far from smooth. Despite welcoming two sons, Ayden and Dylan, with Apollo, the relationship faced challenges, especially with Apollo’s legal troubles culminating in a conviction for conspiracy to commit bank, mail, and wire fraud.

Phaedra’s Return to Reality TV

who is phaedra parks dating

Married To Medicine’s tenth season marks Phaedra’s comeback to reality television after years away. Known for its adept handling of sensitive subjects, the show has generated significant buzz over the years. Phaedra’s charm, sass, and authenticity are expected to add a unique flavor to the series. As the season unfolds, viewers can anticipate whether Phaedra aligns more with the Married To Medicine cast than her former RHOA counterparts.

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Phaedra Parks’ journey from RHOA to Married To Medicine has been a rollercoaster of relationships and personal growth. While her dating life has seen its ups and downs, fans can’t help but root for her happiness. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Phaedra as she brings her charisma and realness to Married To Medicine, undoubtedly making her mark once again in the world of reality television.