Who Is Peyton List Dating? Exploring The Cobra Kai Star’s Current Relationship Status!

who is peyton list dating

An American actress and model, Peyton List are currently 23 years old. She first appeared in the film 27 Dresses and is now well-known for her performances in Jessie on Disney Channel, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and the Netflix original series Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai is a sequel to Robert Mark Kamen’s The Karate Kid movie and an American comedy-drama series about a martial arts school. Tory Nichols, played by Peyton, is a new addition to the show in Season 2.

Peyton List Is Now Dating?

who is peyton list dating

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Peyton List has confirmed her romance with 22-year-old co-star Jacob Bertrand. Upon being questioned by TMZ at the Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday, the couple acknowledged their longtime relationship.

After being spotted on vacation together, the Cobra Kai actors told a TMZ reporter in separate videos that they weren’t concerned about the potential fallout from dating a costar.

Jacob said to the camera that he and the girl’s brother had been good friends since they were both 15 years old. He verified that they had been dating for some time and said, “The only person I’ve ever dated who I also worked with was my ex-husband. That’s a lot like being put to the test in a fire.”

In May of 2021, Peyton answered the question, “Who is your favorite character from Cobra Kai?” in a TikTok video. The timid Peyton answered, “Hawk. One of my favorite things about Cobra Kai is Hawk.”

Love rumors between Jacob and Payton were spread through the TikTok video. A lot of people thought her side-eyeing the camera was a sign that Jacob was there with her when she responded to the video.

Some others also realized that Jacob had included Peyton in numerous Instagram photos. It’s now common knowledge that the two are dating.

On April 7, 2022, Peyton and Jacob Bertrand were sighted in Los Angeles, flaunting their relationship in public. A little over two weeks after dating rumors became public, the couple was photographed engaging in some PDA, as reported by E! News.

Tell Me About Her Exes

who is peyton list dating

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In the years 2017–2019, Peyton dated fellow actor Cameron Monaghan.

The two were romantically involved on the set of the low-budget indie film Anthem of a Teenage Prophet. There was a secret breakup between Peyton and Cameron in 2019.

On January 2019, a deleted tweet appeared in which Cameron directly @’d his ex, which many of his followers took to be a breakup announcement. As Cameron put it: “I decided it was an excellent moment to tweet this to you, @PeytonList.

“Two days into our new relationship, we filmed this on the set of Anthem. Obviously, I was head over heels. “You’ve been a great part of my life for the past 1.9 years. Much love and best wishes to you “.

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