Who Plays Young Georgia in Netfix Series Ginny and Georgia {Nikki Roumel’s Age, Bio, Insta}

Who Is Nikki Roumel from Ginny & Georgia

The second season of Ginny & Georgia has finally here, and viewers are quickly being drawn into the romance, mystery, and drama unfolding in Wellsburg. This season, Nikki Roumel, who portrays the younger Georgia, will be back on our screens.

We see snippets of Georgia’s life before relocating to Wellsbury during the first season, starting with her time spent traveling as a teenager, her romance with Ginny’s father, and her teenage pregnancy.

Amazing similarities exist between Georgia in its youth and Georgia today. You genuinely believe you are seeing the same person at two separate times of their life because of the blonde hair, dark eyebrows, facial structure, and eyes.

But who and how old is Nikki Roumel, the actress who portrays young Georgia?

Nikki Roumel: Who Is She?

Who Is Nikki Roumel from Ginny & Georgia

Actress Nikki Roumel is 22 years old. She has 294 thousand followers on her Instagram account, @nikkiroumel, where she primarily posts selfies, set photos, and travel photos.

Her other acting roles include Sibyl Sadik in Designated Survivor and the Cheer Captain in Holly Hobbie (2018). (2017). Amber was also portrayed by Roumel in Paranormal Witness (2015).

Roumel, who resides in Canada, is partly Greek. “Wanderer” is how she characterizes herself.

Her Instagram bio states, “Living life with good intentions, trying my best.”

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Fans Comment on Young Georgia’s Reminiscent

Who Is Nikki Roumel from Ginny & Georgia

The striking similarity between young Georgia (Roumel) and present-day Georgia has stunned the show’s viewers (Brianne Howey). Many people have used Twitter to express their ideas.

Is it just me, or is the actress who portrays young Georgia in Ginny and Georgia the ideal cast? a viewer asked. She resembles Brianne Howey in terms of appearance, speech, and gait. Why isn’t Nikki Roumel’s performance garnering more attention?

The casting of young Georgia (Nikki Roumel) on Ginny & Georgia is SO excellent, another user tweeted. It’s really difficult to make you actually believe that this is the same person throughout their life—from appearance to behavior.

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Roumel Honors Her Daughters Who Appear on Screen

Even though there is only one little Ginny visible on television, two actors really play the part. With a heartfelt note to her on-screen daughters, Roumel tweeted a photo of herself hanging out on set with Tianna and Tiara.


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A post shared by Nikki Roumel (@nikkiroumel)

Our little flashback family 💛🍑 Tiana and Tiara my talented beautiful friends who have taught me so much happiness. Ben from meeting you in the chemistry read to spending so much time on set with you filled with laughs after intense scenes and games with the kiddos. Leo when you said you loved us it made our hearts melt, making you laugh, playing games and wearing the bracelet you made me.
Camilla we bonded immediately you were so good with Leo and our cuddles between takes in the mayor office. Sarah in season one, my first little sister and when I asked you for acting advice because you immediately blew us all away. Rodrigo I felt so close to you immediately (our characters were engaged after all) and you never failed to make us all laugh so fun to play off of you. Tommie having our deep conversations sharing your wisdom, light and true badass vibes.
Kyle an immediate crush on you obviously to you becoming one of my closest friends I’m coming to visit soon! Not pictured George (Marty) hearing about your adventures and life journeys so far makes me excited for life ahead! Kerri-Ann, Lauren and Ilan shooting in the cozy shop together laughing and eating crafty makes me excited for our reunion (soon please).
Yath why don’t we have any pics together? Shooting in the cold and eating those sandwiches over and over, FaceTimes with Mel soon! I adore each and everyone one of you to those of screen and to our beautiful hard working, dedicated, non stop friends behind the scenes! 💛🍑
She later referred to the young actors as her “brilliant, gorgeous friends” in an Instagram post.

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