Madelaine Petsch Has A New Boyfriend? Riverdale Star’s Dating Life

Madelaine Grobbelaar Petsch is an American actress and also a youtube. The actress is famous for portraying herself in Cheryl Blossom on The CW television series Riverdale and Marissa in F The Prom. At the age of 14, she began seeing out as a vegan. She was raised as a vegetarian. Madelaine has also participated in many awareness campaigns for PETA. Her career started when she first appeared in a Coca-Cola advertisement in 2014. After that, she was cast in Riverdale as Cheryl Blossom. Since 2015 the actress has been a part of this series, and at the same time, she was working on Legends of Tomorrow.

Who is Madelaine Dating?

According to the reports in the Instagram post from November 2022, the star appeared to be in a romantic relationship with Hasley’s manager Anthony Li. Madelaine posted her new boyfriend on a social media platform. It was done with a casual photo dump showing she is getting comfortable with Anthony Li.

Madelaine and Anthony have been photographed together in Paris as well. The actress is taking the season seriously and sparking romance rumours with Anthony Li. The fans are expecting if there is anything more than friends between them. The fans got their instinct right after Madelaine posted not-so-soft possible BF and GF status on Instagram in November 2022.

In reports, Hotel For The Holidays actress has confirmed that Anthony was the mystery in the parish with her. In her Instagram post, she captioned¬† “life”, and Anthony appears to be in the fifth picture. The picture is cute and romantic as Anthony puts his arm around Madelaine.

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Madelaine’s Dating History

The Riverdale star has already dated many celebrities before Anthony Li. Let’s have a look at all those stars. In February 2018, in an interview, Aaron Carter revealed that he and Madelaine had a slight romantic relationship in 2014. They dated for five to six months and stopped. The singer also mentioned that the song “Seattle Tide” was all about meeting this beautiful actress.

Madelain then dated Travis Mills for at least three years. They split their ways in February 2020. Travis announced their break up through an Instagram post. The Riverdale fans also noticed some romantic connection between Madelaine and Miles Chamely-Watson. They were seen together in March 2021. However, they didn’t announce the nature of the link.

And now the actress is seeing Anthony Li, posting some cosy pictures of her with him. Her fans began to speculate about their relationship since the Instagram post and the report of their being together in Paris.

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Madelaine Petsch’s Career

The actress began her career with Girl #2 in the 2014 television film “The Hive”. The actress appeared as a mermaid in a series show in 2015. She also portrayed herself as Elisa in the Curse Of Sleeping Beauty. In 2017 Madelaine played Marissa in the film F The Prom. And from 2017, she played Cheryl Blossom in Riverdale.

In 2020 she also portrayed Ellen Ashland in the film Sightless, which was co-produced by herself. In the same year, she also portrayed Jane Bennet in an episode of Acing for a Cause and Voiced Sloan in The Simpsons and Narrator in Day by Day. Now the star has a bright future ahead with a lot of responsibilities. She is focused and excellently does her job.

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