Who is Lady Nagant, and What are her Powers? My Hero Academia Discussion

Who is Lady Nagant, and What are her Powers? My Hero Academia Discussion
Who is Lady Nagant, and What are her Powers? My Hero Academia Discussion

Lady Nagant, a hero turned villain, recently got introduced in the latest chapters of My Hero Academia manga. Her demeanor is formidable, and she’s an enemy that Deku will have problems dealing with. Deku has encountered her in his rouge path, and they’re about to engage in a full-scale battle in My Hero Academia chapter 313.

So who is this person that has caused a momentary roadblock in Deku’s path? Have we met her? What is her ambition and end goal? Let us discuss as we explain everything we know about this mysterious character of My Hero Academia in this blog.

Who is Lady Nagant?

Who is Lady Nagant?

Lady Nagant used to be a pro hero; however, the overall picture of the Hero Society made her quit and turn into a villain. She is associated with All For One and on a mission to fulfill one of the tasks assigned to her.

In a riot that All For One commenced, Lady Nagant took the opportunity to escape from the prison. And now she wants to repay All For One by capturing Deku.

Lady Nagant’s Powers & abilities

Lady Nagant’s primary skill is sniping. At first sight, Deku recognized her as she even appeared on TV and was considered the best sniper of her time. This is not even taking her quirk into account. Her organic sniping skills are so profound that even Snipe didn’t want to compete with her.

Who is Lady Nagant, and What are her Powers? My Hero Academia Discussion
Lady Nagant and her Powers

Apart from sniping, she possesses a couple of quirks and some other skills that we may see in the future. For the time being, let us see her abilities that we are aware of so far.

Quirk – Rifle

Her original quirk, Rifle, allows her to transform her arm into a Rifle. In addition to that, she also can create bullets of any shape and size as per her will. She extracts the material of the shell from her hair. The strength of these bullets can vary, and they are capable of piercing the strongest of materials.

Lady Nagant Using Airwalk

Quirk – Airwalk

It is her second quirk which was given to her by All For One. By using this quirk, she can levitate in the air and considerably increase her eyesight. All For One gave this quirk to her in exchange for an assignment. She has to catch Deku and hand him over to AFO.

Other Abilities

Apart from this, she also possesses incredible eyesight. She was able to nearly hit Deku on the spot in a raining and dark environment. Her range is about 3 kilometres, and she doesn’t even need any scope to aim at the enemy.

As a long-range fighter, she possesses extraordinary skills that make her one of the most fearsome villains so far.

Deku vs. Lady Nagant

Deku gets a flashback where he received a warning if he ever encountered Lady Nagant, he should drop everything and run. In an episode of Heroes to Watch, even Snipe sensei revealed that he was jealous of the quirk she possessed. Deku realizes the situation he was in, and his best bet is to retreat as soon as possible.

This is what we know so far. Since she’s currently fighting Deku, we may learn more about her abilities and background in upcoming chapters.

So what do you think about this new character? Will Deku be able to beat her? Comment down what you think and let us know. For more My Hero Academia discussions, follow us on social media.

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