Who Is Kittys Half Sibling? Everything What We Know!

who is kittys half sibling

When they debuted on Netflix between 2018 and 2021, the To All The Boys films garnered a fervent fanbase, and they left audiences begging for more time with the characters. Well, Lara Jean may not be back, but her younger sister Kitty is, and this time, she takes center stage in XO, Kitty.

The spin-off series, created by Jenny Han and premiering on Netflix on May 18, 2023, follows Kitty as she begins to carve out a new existence in Korea while reconnecting with her long-distance boyfriend, as established in the To All The Boys films.

There is a compelling mystery involving siblings at the heart of the program, despite the fact that she lacks her older sister’s assistance. Speaking of which, Kitty, who is your sibling in XO?

What Is the Name of Kitty’s Sibling in Xo?

who is kittys half sibling

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Kitty discovers that her mother, Eve, had a child in Seoul while rummaging through her old belongings at the hospital. This causes her to discover she has a half-brother. She discovers through further investigation that the boy was given up for adoption. The parents are from Australia, but this is not the dead-end she initially expects.

One of the professors at her institution, KISS, is Alex Finnerty, a man of Korean descent who moved to the United States from Australia. Kitty’s realization that Alex was adopted compels her to consider the possibility that he is her sibling. She learns, however, that she does not have a half-brother after all.

Alex is not Kitty’s biological sibling, but rather Yuri’s. In addition to teaching, he wanted to discover the truth about his birth parents when he returned to Korea. Alex’s actual mother and father are the school’s principal, Jina Lim, and professor, Lee. Jina included Eve’s name on the hospital forms, unleashing a can of worms for everyone involved.

Kitty may have two older sisters, Margot and Lara, but she does not have a half-brother, which is revealed at the conclusion of the season.

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Why Did Alex Undergo Adoption?

who is kittys half sibling

The audience may ponder why Jina and Professor Lee gave Alex up for adoption instead of raising him themselves, thereby creating a mystery.

Jina and Lee were together, but Lee discovered she was expectant while working and studying in America. She decided to keep the pregnancy a secret out of concern that it would force Lee to return home from his work at a conservatory and cause him to focus less and less on his future plans.

Alex was unaware that the infant had already been adopted when he returned from the United States.

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