Who Is Kellyanne Conway Currently Dating? Are Rumors Of A Break Up True?

Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway is an American political consultant and pollster who worked for former president Donald Trump. She has been making headlines lately as her followers are eager to know about her marriage to George Conway as rumors of a divorce have been lingering.

Kellyanne Conway Early Life And Career

who is kellyanne conway dating now

Kellyanne Conway served as a senior counselor to the president in the administration of former president Donald Trump from 2017 to 2020 and she was previously Donald Trump’s campaign manager having been appointed on August 2016. She is the first woman to have run a successful United States Presidential campaign.

Kellyanne entered the polling business when she was in law school, working as a research assistant for the Wirthlin Group, a Republican polling firm. After her graduation, she initially considered working for a law firm but decided to work for Luntz Research Companies instead.

who is kellyanne conway dating now

Kellyanne in the 1990s along with other conservative women Laura Ingraham, Barbara Olson, and Ann Coulter helped turn punditry into stylish stardom in both Washington and cable television and is credited with setting forth Washington DC sexual awaking.

She also worked for Representative Jack Kemp, senator Fred Thompson, vice president Dan Quayle, speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and later vice president Mike Pence. Kellyanne also worked as the senior advisor to Gingrich during his unsuccessful 2012 United States Presidential election campaign.

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 Is Kellynne Conway Still Married to George Conway?

who is kellyanne conway dating now

No, Kellynne and George Conway are currently not married. Kellyanne Conway and her husband George announced that they have filed for a divorce. In a statement on their respective social media platforms, the couple revealed that they are in the final stages of an amicable divorce.

The couple also asked the public to kindly respect their decision and privacy and vowed to continue their roles as parents by providing love, care, and joy to their children. Their children have also been silent about their parent’s break up.

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Why Did Kellyanne And George File For Divorce?

who is kellyanne conway dating now

The couple announced their divorce after admitting that Grorge criticism of former president Donald Trump was a betrayal. George has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest critics and has on several occasions publicly mocked him. While he employed his wife.

George also continued to berate Donald Trump after their divorce. Kellyanne became Trump’s adviser in 2016 and also his campaign manager.

who is kellyanne conway dating now

While she worked for Donald Trump’s reelection her husband co-founded the Lincoln project which worked to prevent his reelection.

The divorce has also not slowed down his criticism of the former president. He was seen active on Twitter lambasting the former president including reposting a tweet questioning the sanity of the former president.

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