Who Is the Lucky Man that Kellie Pickler Calls Husband?

who is kellie pickler married to

Kellie Dawn Pickler is a popular country music artist and TV host from the United States. Pickler became well-known after she competed in the fifth season of American Idol and came in sixth. She began her career as a music artist in 2006 when she signed with 19 Recordings and BNA Records.

Kyle Jacobs, Kellie Pickler’s Husband, Was a Country Music Star

who is kellie pickler married to

On the first of the new year, Kellie Pickler and Kyle Jacobs exchanged their vows. Kyle was born on June 26, 1973, and raised in Bloomington, Minnesota, according to his Wikipedia page. He shared his wife’s fame as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Kellie’s birthday was June 28th, 1986, making her husband 13 years older than she is.

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Death of Kyle Jacobs

A suicide has been ruled in the death of Kellie Pickler’s husband. He was 49. In a statement provided to PEOPLE, the Nashville Police Department confirmed that at 1:12:21 local time on Friday, the Department of Emergency Communications received a call from a residence.

According to the statement, when police and the Nashville Fire Department arrived, they discovered the songwriter “dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.” According to the available evidence, “his death is being treated as a suicide.” In 2007, the two of them were introduced to one another by mutual friends.

Kyle and Kellie first connected in 2007 after being introduced by friends from Nashville at a pub. During an interview on The Real, a Fox daytime chat show, in November 2015, Kellie revealed that she met Kyle while out with other songwriter friends. She went on a gush about how they ended up sitting with him and his friends and how they soon forgot about everyone else as they got engrossed in talk.

To top it all off, they immediately began working together and hit it off both creatively and romantically. She said, “The next day we started writing songs, and a few years later we got married.”

Kyle and Kellie Secretly Tied the Knot on New Year’s Day by Eloping

who is kellie pickler married to

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The romance was in the air on June 15, 2010, when the country music duo got engaged in Rosemary Beach, Florida. In addition to the ring and notebook, Kyle also gifted Kellie a seashell inscribed with the name of her late grandma, Faye. The experience reminded Kellie of her mother, “my lovely angel,” she explained in a 2017 Instagram post. As madly in love as ever

Instead of having a big wedding in Nashville as they had planned, the couple decided to elope in Antigua on January 1. According to PEOPLE, Kellie told Ellen DeGeneres in 2011 that “all we did was pack the wedding dress and bring him an outfit.” It was the greatest day of my life, and we had complete faith in God that everything would turn out okay.

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