Who Is Kali Uchis Dating? His Relationship Timeline Is Clearly Described!

who is kali uchis dating

To win a Grammy, Kali Uchis had to live and record her songs in her car. She has earned multiple Grammy awards for her work as a performer and composer.

In 2012, she started working on her first successful project, Drunken Babble, which drew the attention of numerous music producers. Her first EP, Por Vida, was released in 2015 and rapidly became a hit. Isolation, Uchis’ first studio album, was released in 2018 to tremendous acclaim.

In 2020, the year of the epidemic, she published Sin Miedo, her second studio album and first in Spanish. “Telepathic,” the album’s first single, became Kali’s first Billboard Hot 100 charting single as a solo artist in the United States.

It’s also worth noting that Kali Uchis worked on the song “10 percent” alongside Kaytranada. This collaboration earned Kali Uchis her first Grammy Award.

Throughout high school, Kali Uchi has had a strong interest in music. She took piano and saxophone lessons. She was a member of a jazz band before graduating. He frequently skipped school in order to spend time in the photo lab creating original short films.

Dating Kali Uchis

who is kali uchis dating

Omar Apollo and Kali Uchis have been seen together on several occasions. Omar recently shared a photo of Kali and Omar having a good time at a pool party. During an Instagram live broadcast, a waiter referred to Kali and Omar as a couple.

As a result, she began telling him the truth about their relationship. On the other hand, they appeared to be at ease with one other. There’s a chance Kali Uchis and Omar Apollo are dating each other, even if they don’t want to admit it to the world.

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Rapper Confirms Having a Girlfriend

Don revealed that Kali was his girlfriend less than a month after the release of Drugs N Hella Melodies in June 2021.

During his interview with W Magazine, the rapper didn’t hesitate when asked about a prospective romance with Kali.

“We’re not crazily public or anything like that,” he said in a statement after the magazine reported that “Kali Uchis is, in reality, his girlfriend.”

“We just go together.”

He is thought to have met her family members while filming a music video in Colombia.

Past Relationships of Kali Uchis

Toliver, Don

who is kali uchis dating

After Don Toliver’s music video for “Drugs N Hella Melodies” was published on June 18, 2021, many people assumed he was dating Uchis. She also appears as a performer in the music video. As soon as the rapper and Uchis appeared together in a music video, rumors of a connection began to circulate.

Yung Gleesh Yung Gleesh Yung Glees

Uchis and Yung Gleesh were both charged with assault in 2018. After a night out in Austin in 2015, Gleesh, whose real name is Asa Asuncion, was accused of assaulting a lady.

The day before the festival, he played at the South by Southwest music festival and slept at the home of a mutual friend and the female he was with. Gleesh was found guilty of attempted assault after a witness close to the victim testified against him. He was given a five-year jail sentence.

Throughout her testimony, she stated that her lover had grown up and was now a good candidate for probation. She also claimed that Gleesh’s rap career had been hampered as a result of the allegations. Due to personal issues, the two had to part ways.

Apollo Omar

Gleesh ended their relationship after a photo of her and Omar Apollo at a pool party was posted on his Instagram account. Despite this, she responded with an Instagram Live video in which she conveyed her amazement at a server mistaking her for a pair.

In an interview with Interview Magazine’s Steve Lacy for the magazine’s October 2020 edition, she clarified that she had never been romantically linked with Apollo.

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Fans Are only Beginning to Understand Their Relationship.

who is kali uchis dating

Fans have taken to social media to reveal that they only recently discovered Kali and Don are dating. What prompted the current internet debate concerning Kali and Don is unknown.

“Bye because I had no idea Kali Uchis and Don Toliver were dating?” one Twitter user wondered.

“I must have been living under a rock,” a third person remarked, “since I just learned that Don Toliver and Kali Uchis are dating.”

“Not me just found out Kali Uchis is Dating Don Toliver,” a tweet was added to the list. They shot a photo of us together on my birthday a year ago.”

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