Who Is American Movie Icon Justin Long Dating? Find Out Who He Is Dating

Justin Long is a well-known American actor known for his roles in movies such as Dodgeball, Live Free, Die Hard, and He is Just Not That Into You. Fans of the actors have been curious to know who their icon is romantically involved with. Here is everything you need to know about the famous actor.

Justin Long Early Life And Career

who is justin long dating

Justin Long was born in the middle of three boys in Fairfield, Connecticut. He made a guest appearance in the documentary Wild West Comedy Show in 2006. Justin Long alongside Bruce Willis starred as a hacker in Live Free or Die Hard, he is also the voice behind Alvin Seville in the action movie Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Justin Long is also for his depiction of a Mac in Apple’s Get a Mac campaign. The campaign featured commercials in which Justin Long was a Mac and John Floodman as a PC engaged in playful banter about the strengths of the Mac platform and weaknesses of the PC platform.

Justin also had a small role in the comedy film Zack and Miri Make a Porno in 2008, where he plays Brandon St Randy a gay porn star. He also provided the voice of Humphrey in Alpha and Omega in 2010 which featured Hayden Panettiere. He also starred in the comedy film Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore.

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Is Justin Long Currently Dating Kate Bosworth?

who is justin long dating

Yes, Justin Long is currently in a romantic relationship with Kate Bosworth. Kate Bosworth recently shared a photo of her trip with Justin Long. The couple was seen taking a selfie with beaming smiles and cuddling up.

The photo drew the attention of their fans as speculations began making rounds that the two were dating. The couple would also be appearing together in the upcoming thriller House of Darkness which was directed by Neil LaBute. Kate Bosworth also expressed her appreciation for her partner at a Vanity Fun event.

Are Justin Long And Kate Bosworth Engaged?

who is justin long dating

The red-carpet appearance of Justin Long and Kate Bosworth at a recent Vanity Fair event created some reactions from fans of the couple. Their appearance at the show also caused speculations of them dating as Bosworth was seen wearing a diamond ring.

The ring on Bosworth’s finger caused speculations among fans that may have gotten engaged. However, Justin Long nor Kate Bosworth have confirmed or denied the rumors but their body language at the event suggests that something is going on between them.

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Justin Long And Kate BosWorth’s Relationship Journey

who is justin long dating

Justin Long confirmed his relationship with Kate Bosworth on Instagram while on a pub date in Ireland. He posted a series of photos on his Instagram page which included a selfie of them together. This was the first time that either couple acknowledged their relationship.

Since the post was made the couple has been seen at different public events together. The couple first met while working on a project together in 2021, and rumors of them dating has been circulating before the couple confirmed their relationship.

Justin Long’s Past Relationships

who is justin long dating

Justin Long was in a relationship with Drew Barrymore that was on and off between 2007 and 2010. He was also in a relationship with Amanda Seyfried in 2013 before they broke up in September 2015.

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