Who Is Daystar Television Host Joni Lamb Dating? Who Did She Reveal As Her New Boyfriend?

Joni Lamb has been making headlines since she announced her engagement to Dr. Doug Weiss. The Daystar Television Network fans and cofounder’s supporters expressed a lot of interest and delight in the news.

Dr. Weiss is a well-known psychologist and author who specializes in the treatment of sexual addiction and has written over 30 books about the issue.

Who Is Joni Lamb’s New Boyfriend Dr. Weiss?

who is joni lamb dating

Joni Lamb, who was one of the founders of the Daystar Tv Network just made the exciting news that she is in a relationship with Dr.Weiss. The statement caused a lot of reactions across social media platforms with many of her fans expressing their joy.

Joni Shared an Instagram post with the caption “Be sure to watch Tablr Talk tonight at 8:30 pm ET as I share a special announcement under the leadership of @PsJimmyEvans Yes, God has brought a godly man into my life. Hear the story on Tabkr Talk with me and those who have traveled thus the unexpected journey with me.

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When Did Joni Lamb Announce Her Engagement to Dr. Weiss?

Joni Lamb on March 10, 2023, posted a rare photograph of herself and Dr. Weiss on her Instagram page which she captioned I said yes. She also described him as the most incredible man in the world and she is engaged to him. The couple received thousands of congratulatory messages as the post went instantly viral.

Although the announcement came on a later day, Joni Lamb and Dr. Weiss were spotted in January 2023 together. Which had caused speculations online between their fans and supporters. The couple has also been spotted attending events and taking vacations together. Joni Lamb has also made it a norm to update their fans regularly.

Who Is Dr. Doug Weiss?

Dr. Weiss is a psychologist and the founder of the Heart to Heart counseling center. The center specializes in the treatment of sex addicts’ intimacy anorexics and their spouses. Dr. Weiss has been counseling sex addicts and their partners for three decades and the Heart to Heart counseling center maintains its weekly 3 and 5-day intensives.

Dr. Weiss personally continues to provide 5 days of intensive at the center and receives patients across the world. Dr. Weiss has also authored over 30 books and he is the first to write a book about sex addicts.

who is joni lamb dating

He is also the first to coin the term intimacy anorexic which is the withholding of emotional physical and spiritual intimacy in marriages. Dr. Weiss has also appeared in several national shows including Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Good morning America. And he has had two documentaries about his work.

He is the president of the American Association for Sex Addicts which is a certification training program for sex addiction, partners of sex addicts, and intimacy anorexia. Dr. Weiss is an international speaker at men’s and women’s conferences.

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Joni Lamb’s Past Relationships

who is joni lamb dating

Joni Lamb’s ex-husband Marcus Lamb admitted to having an adulterous relationship with a former teammate in public in 2010. Marcus Lamb during an episode of his Celebration program he acknowledged using the Christian television network Daystar Television Network.

Marcus Lamb apologized and confessed regret to his congregation and viewers watching the program. He received forgiveness from the public and his wife who was also at the venue of the incident. The couple appeared to work on their marriage and move on.

who is joni lamb dating

However, the couple declared their divorce in 2012 although the cause of their separation was stated in the statement, it is assumed that Marcus’ adultery scandal was a determining factor for their breakup.

There has been no formal statement about their split. Joni and Marcus got married in 1980 after meeting in Joni’s church. The ex-couple worked as traveling evangelists briefly while sharing the gospel with all churches.

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