Jamal and Veronica Are Dating or Are They Just Messing with Fans?

who is jamal dating

Jamal Menzies

Fans know that Jamal and his mom, Kim, can be seen on the reality show Happily Ever After. People who watch 90 Day Fiance have started to like him a lot and like seeing how he interacts with his mom. So, when they heard rumors that he was dating another cast member of the network, the word spread quickly.

Here’s what we know about Jamal so far. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. And he works at an insurance company right now. He is also very close to his mother, Kim, and they have a very special relationship.

People love it when he’s on the show. Fans think that things just got more interesting because of the new rumors. Who does Jamal Menzies date, then?

who is jamal dating

Who Is Jamal Menzies Dating

On the last part of this season’s 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all special aired, and it included a shocking reveal: Veronica said she’s dating Jamal, the son of her 90 Day Fiancé co-star Kim, but they’re not fully committed to each other.

Veronica Talks About Her Exes and Relationship with Jamal

This season of 90 Days: The Single Life was about Veronica’s search for love. Her relationship with Justin, a man she met online, didn’t work out, and her close relationship with her ex, Tim, also made people wonder. Veronica, who is 37 years old, said she was excited about a new relationship during the tell-all.

She then said that she was now dating Kim’s 27-year-old son, Jamal. Veronica said she contacted him when she wanted to know how to get to San Diego, where he and Kim live. He invited her to dinner. When host Shaun Robinson asked him straight out if they had sex that night, he said, “Yeah, I woke up to her.” Jamal then asked Tim in a bold way to switch seats so he could sit next to Veronica.


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But both Veronica and Jamal made it clear that they weren’t an exclusive couple, and Jamal said that he slept with other people but used protection. Veronica, on the other hand, was only seeing Jamal, even though she said she was open to dating other men and was just “lazy.” Still, she said that her main goal was to get married again, which was obviously not the same as Jamal’s goal, which was to “have fun.” Tim was not amused at all and said he saw a lot of warning signs.

Later, the tension got worse backstage, and everyone discussed Jamal and Veronica’s relationship in a heated way. Tiffany even said that Jamal gave her “f**k boy vibes.” Also, Tim was surprised. He said, “I’ve never seen Veronica date someone younger. She always makes fun of the age difference between me and my girlfriend, but it’s not just that. It seems like a waste of time.”

He also said, “I actually can’t believe that you’re lowering yourself to that, that you don’t [think you] deserve someone who’s going to put you on a pedestal … It’s sad to me.”

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Are Jamal and Veronica Still Together?

who is jamal dating

Even though Veronica hasn’t said for sure that she’s still dating the guy from San Diego, at that time it does seem like they’re getting along well.

In December 2022, Veronica used her Instagram Stories to give a hint that her relationship with Jamal was getting better. In the social media post, Veronica shared a 90 Day Fiancé fan account that posted a throwback 90 Day: Pillow Talk clip of Veronica and Tim talking about Jamal’s gold earrings while watching an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

“Are you getting it?” In the clip, Tim asked Veronica. She said, “Mmmhmm, I think I could work with all of that.”

Veronica added a sticker to the post that said, “Busy manifesting.” But but but…… things got completely messy for fans after veronica shared a picture with someone on her Instagram story.

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Is Veronica Dating New Men?

Nevertheless, not long after the new year, the North Carolina native appeared to make her relationship with an unknown new man known to the public via her Instagram Stories.

who is jamal dating

A closer look at the picture reveals that Veronica’s unidentified date was nuzzling her neck as she smiled seductively for the camera and fans can recognize it was definitely not Jamal. The former member of TLC also provided no hints as to the name of her current companion.

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