How Did Hugh Dancy Meet His Wife? Who Is She?

who is hugh dancy married to

Hugh Michael Horace Dancy is a well-known English actor best known for his portrayal of David Copperfield in the television film adaptation of the novel, as well as his performances in the films Black Hawk Down and Ella Enchanted.

To Whom He Tied the Knot

who is hugh dancy married to

Hugh and Claire Danes are a married couple. They became friends while filming Evening in 2007. Filming in scenic Rhode Island pushed the two actors, who had previously only been friends, closer together as they played fictional lovers caught in a complicated love triangle.

Whose Is Claire Danes?

American actress Claire Catherine Danes. She’s been working steadily in cinema and TV since she was a teenager, and she’s won three Primetime Emmy Awards and four Golden Globes. A member of Time magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most important people from 2012, among other honors.

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Do Claire Danes and Her Husband Have Kids?

The pair met in 2006 and married in a small ceremony in France in 2009. The couple had their first kid, Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, in December of 2012, and three years later, in August of 2018, they had their second son, Rowan.

The boys have a good understanding of their parents’ professions and are familiar with the West Village area of Manhattan, where the family spends much of its time. The Danes have informed PEOPLE that Cyrus has made frequent visits to the set of her famous show Homeland.

I was filming Homeland while I got pregnant with him. By the third season, he was already five months old. She reflects, “I have so many images of him in Carrie Mathison’s chair in all sorts of different stages of development. Plus, he may have some future in the realm of directing thanks to his enthusiasm for the bright lights of the show backstage. A child would thrive in such a setting. Isn’t this wonderful?

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Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes: Still a Married Couple?

who is hugh dancy married to

True, after 13 years of marriage, they seem to be going strong. Danes have always praised her marriage to Dancy and credited her mother as an example of what a successful union looks like to her. Danes added that she “likes marriage” in an interview with The Sun.

I have a strong sense of safety. Love for one’s spouse is a great benefit. Dancy is attractive, which helps a lot, and Danes are aware of this. “There are times when I look at him and say, “You are incredibly gorgeous. He’s the only thing that saves me from going completely crazy,” she said.

Long periods of separation have tested the couple but ultimately strengthened their bond. Since their shooting schedules don’t always coincide, the couple often finds themselves in different locations, like when Danes were filming Homeland in North Carolina and her husband was filming in Toronto for Hannibal.

That distance is toxic, and I’m just lousy at it,” a Dane said to Net-a-Porter. That’s why I have no interest in mastering it. During the process, we realized how crucial it was for us to spend as much time as possible in the same room.

Although Dancy rarely discusses his marriage or shares photos of his wife on social media, Danes have uploaded enough supportive images of the couple together for everyone to see that their relationship is strong and healthy. Recently, she posted a photo to Instagram of her and her boyfriend Dancy at a romantic Valentine’s Day meal, with Dancy’s hands interlaced to make a heart. Awww!

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