Who Is Fatum Alford From “RHOA”? In Season 14, Shereé Whitfield’s Friend Causes Drama!

Who Is Fatum Alford From "RHOA"? In Season 14, Shereé Whitfield's Friend Causes Drama!

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14 when Shereé Whitfield first made an appearance, Fatum Alford brought her own tea to Kenya Moore’s birthday party for Brooklyn.

Drew Sidora continued to claim that Shereé didn’t pay their ‘one-time shared assistant,’ but Fatum defended her friend by pointing out that the same employee was circulating false information about the sexual orientation of her husband, Ralph Pittman.

Naturally, Drew wasn’t too pleased with Fatum spreading the untrue allegation against her husband, but the tension between the women didn’t stop there.

For some reason, the newbie simply wasn’t prepared to “drop it with Drew,” and in RHOA Episode 9, she revealed another bombshell. At Shereé’s pajama party, Fatum, who represents herself as a real estate investor on Instagram, told the other women that she had a professional colleague run a background check on Drew and Ralph.

Who Is Fatum Alford From "RHOA"? In Season 14, Shereé Whitfield's Friend Causes Drama!

Fatum stated she learned the couple had various names, including “Danielle,” which suggests some sort of “fraudulent” behavior. Drew was a late arrival and didn’t find out about the covert investigation until Kenya spilled the tea after a few too many cocktails, which of course led to another quarrel.

The Game alum said that Fatum had been “stalking” her and refuted any allegations of dubious conduct by clarifying that “Danielle” is the name of one of her helpers.

Drew held Shereé responsible for Fatum’s actions in the episode when they made an appearance on Bravo’s RHOA after-show on July 11 alongside co-star Kandi Burruss, especially given that their relationship was heading in the direction of “a more positive place.”

She said, “I feel that if I bring a buddy to the group, I’m responsible for that friend,” adding that if she were Shereé, she would “check” Fatum for going too far. I was attempting to get to know Shereé even if I didn’t know her friend.

Who Is Fatum Alford From "RHOA"? In Season 14, Shereé Whitfield's Friend Causes Drama!

How can you permit someone to enter and undermine me or check into my past when I believe we are in the friend group? To me, it simply came across as being extremely petty, juvenile, and cheesy.

Shereé mentioned that her friend frequently takes her two children to Chateau Shereé, however she wouldn’t tell how she and Fatum initially met. According to Fatum’s Instagram, she is a “progressive Muslim” from Djibouti, East Africa, with “Somali/Arab” ancestors and is a single mother to a boy and a daughter.

She identified her ex-husband, CEO of the media production, strategy, and communications firm EDhear, Stephen Alford, in a tweet from February 2013.

Regardless of what transpires between her and Drew, Fatum is most likely going to remain in the picture to assist Shereé in managing her erratic relationship with Tyrone Gilliams.

Who Is Fatum Alford From "RHOA"? In Season 14, Shereé Whitfield's Friend Causes Drama!

Tyrone will return and make an appearance on the upcoming episodes of RHOA, as seen in the midseason teaser on Bravo, but Fatum claimed on the show that she has already tried to arrange a match for Shereé in order for her to finally get away from her supposedly “crook” ex.

However, since RHOA Season 14 is only halfway to its conclusion, anything could occur in the interim.

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