Who is Eida, and What are her powers? – Boruto Discussion

Who is Eida, and What are her powers? – Boruto Discussion
Who is Eida, and What are her powers? – Boruto Discussion

In the latest chapter of the Boruto manga series, we got introduced to a new character Eida. Eida is a part of the Kara Organization and one of the very few serving group members. After the death of Ishhiki, Code wants to get his master’s revenge, and Eida is going to assist him in his goal.

Eida has some terrifying powers, capable of defeating the strongest of people. Konoha will have a hard time dealing with her as even Code was unable to subdue her.

Who is Eida, and What are her powers? – Boruto Discussion
Who is Eida in Boruto Manga?

Who is Eida?

Eida is a modified human, created by Amado in his plans to defeat Jigen. So far, she was in slumber until Code broke her capsule and awoke her. While Jigen ordered her disposal, Boro didn’t obey his commands and instead hid her. She wasn’t satisfied with the modifications that Amado made in her bodies. Eida harbours immense hate for Amado and vows to kill her.

As of now, she is allied with Code and preparing to strike the Konoha village. Both of their goals align with each other, and we will see more of her in upcoming chapters.

Eida from Boruto

What are Eida Powers?

We do not know the extent of her insane abilities, but some of the powers she revealed in the latest chapter are genuinely horrifying. Let’s see some of her abilities we know so far.

Eida’s Combat Abilities

While we don’t specifically know her mastery in combat, we can assume she is better than Jigen. Amado studded her with scientific weapons and said that she exceeds Jigen in combat prowess. We don’t exactly know the extent of these weapons, but it seems like she is a formidable foe from current information.

Eida Explaining Clairvoyance


Eida possesses Clairvoyance which allows her to know everything. Because of this ability, she can see anything that is happening in that instance of time. Furthermore, she can even wander through past events and see what happened at any particular time. However, she can’t see into the future, which is the only setback of this power.

Regarding her range of Clairvoyance, we don’t have any information available yet. , She can also see the past up to the date of her birth. The upcoming chapter may uncover more details about her power.

Capturing Heart

Before releasing Eida, Code decided that if she didn’t obey him, he would immediately dispose of her. However, when she opened her eyes, he wasn’t able to do anything. Eida explained that regardless of gender, whoever sets sight on her immediately becomes attracted to her to the point they can’t even hurt her. But it has only one disadvantage. If you happen to be an Otsutsuki or share the same blood as her, the powers won’t work.

While we believe this is a disadvantage, Eida thinks it is her only option in finding true love. This is also the reason why she hates Amado. He robbed her off of true love.

Kawaki is Potential Candidate for Eida

How Threatening is She to Konoha?

Eida has teamed up with Code to conduct his plan of cultivating Divine Tree. To avenge his master, Code wants to kill everyone responsible for his death. This also includes Amado, but it’s Eida who has shown interest in killing him. So both of their goals are similar, and they can attack Konoha combined.

How will Naruto and others deal with this newly introduced character? Will she be able to find her lover? Comment your thoughts down below. Please find us on social media for all the latest updates and news on Boruto.

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