Who Is Dylan Crews Girlfriend? Unveiling Dylan Crews’ Enigmatic Love Life!

who is dylan crews girlfriend

Dylan Crews, the talented young actor whose on-screen charisma has won the hearts of many, has a large fan base that is eagerly inquisitive about his personal life. We delve into the mystery surrounding Dylan Crews’ girlfriend and attempt to cast light on the woman who holds the key to his heart, despite the fact that he keeps much of his private life under wraps.

Who Is Dylan Crews Girlfriend?


Before Crews begins preparing for Major League Baseball, he will have time to enjoy himself. We speculate that he will spend time with his fiancée, Jane Carson. She has shared a smattering of photos with Crews on Instagram over the past year.

Obviously, Carson shares additional content on social media. She also posts images from her preferred travel destinations.

Carson was, as expected, in Omaha to witness the College World Series. It goes without saying that Crews and his girlfriend will recall this week fondly.

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Dylan Crew Parents

who is dylan crews girlfriend

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Dylan Crews was born on February 26, 2002, in Altamonte Springs, Florida, U.S., to parents George and Kim Crews. His mother, a native of Plano, Texas, Kim Crews, is an accomplished registered nurse in the medical field. Kim has graduated from Valencia College, a significant accomplishment in her educational trajectory.

She is currently a staff registered nurse at a prestigious surgical care center for physicians. Since 2007, George has been the proud owner of a prosperous commercial printing enterprise.

George is not only a businessman but also a sports enthusiast. During his two-year tenure at Memphis State, he pitched in his younger years.

George has spent nine years of his career working in National Sales for Progressive Communications International. The couple has two athletic children, a daughter named Lyndsee and a son named Dylan. Lyndsee, the younger sibling, has a background as a former high school volleyball player, which demonstrates her talents and passion for the sport.

After graduating from Lake Mary High School, Lyndsee enrolled at Florida Atlantic University to continue her education. Dylan, the older sibling, aspires to be selected in the MLB Draft in order to fulfill his goal of becoming a professional baseball player. This family embraces and supports the athletic ambitions of their children.

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