Chilli and Matthew Lawrence Are 2023’s First Celebrity Couple

who is chilli from tlc dating

Chilli, or Rozonda Ocielian Thomas, is an American singer, dancer, and actress who was a part of the successful girl group TLC in the late 20th century.

Fans of The 1990s Are Thrilled by The News that Matthew Lawrence Is Dating Chilli of Tlc

First famous pair of 2023: actor Matthew Lawrence and TLC’s Chilli. In a People article from January 3, Chilli’s publicist Christal Jordan discussed the singer’s developing romance. According to Jordan, the 51-year-old singer, the whose given name is Rozonda Thomas, began dating the “Boy Meets World” actor before Thanksgiving and spent the holiday with her family in Atlanta.

Despite being with Chilli since 2005, Jordan said he has never seen her more in love. “Her radiance is infectious. Together, they make a very endearing pair. Rep releases statement a couple of days after “No Scrubs” singer makes an Instagram official relationship with Lawrence, 42, on December 31.

The couple celebrated the New Year by posting a video to Instagram in which they wear identical onesie pyjamas and sang along to the A-ha hit “Take on Me.” They posted a clip with the hashtags #Newyearsshenanigans, #onesiegang, and #wecute alongside it, referencing the Norwegian band’s 1985 music video, which included similar special effects.

Many commenters, including famous people who were happy for the couple, expressed their joy at the news. Danielle Fishel, who starred with Will Friedle in “Boy Meets World,” said, “This makes me so happy!!” with two heart emojis. As one supporter put it, “This is the most 90s thing ever, and I love it.”

Someone yelled, “My 90s heart is brimming with excitement for both of you!” After divorcing former “Dancing with the Stars” pro-Cheryl Burke last year, Lawrence’s new relationship is his first to be revealed to the public.

On February 18, 2022, the choreographer, then 38 years old, filed for divorce, alleging insurmountable differences. NBC News has obtained documentation from her listing her separation date as January 7, 2022. Burke and Lawrence’s wedding was in May of this year. Chilli’s ex-partner and producer Dallas Austin is also the father of his 25-year-old son Tron.

who is chilli from tlc dating

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During the month of August in the year 2022

Chilli and Lawrence were spotted in Hawaii on August 8, with her spokesperson telling Us that they were “just friends,” while his divorce from Burke made the news.

The entire summer was spent on the road, including a stop at the Honolulu Theatre for their play. In a statement at the time, Jordan mentioned that a group of people had visited the beach. After spending the previous two weeks cooped up in aeroplanes and tour buses, Chilli just wanted to soak up some rays. Even before they went to Australia, TLC aired a couple more shows in the United States.

November of the year 2022

A representative for the singer has stated that love feelings developed between the two people in their friendship before Thanksgiving.

December 2022

This past holiday season, Lawrence joined Chilli’s family in Atlanta for the holidays.

To Be Completed in December 2022

On New Year’s Eve, the couple posted a video to Instagram wearing identical onesies, making their relationship official.

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