Who Is Austen Kroll Dating? Austen Kroll Is in The Middle of A Love Triangle on ‘summer House’

who is austen kroll dating

When it comes to finding out who Austen Kroll is dating, the answer is simple: he’s a well-known American social media influencer, television personality, reality TV star, and entrepreneur. Inquiries, like Who, Is Austen Kroll Dating? are being asked by his followers, who are wondering about his partner. We’ll look at Austen Kroll’s current and former relationships in this post.

Are You Familiar with The Name Austen Kroll?

who is austen kroll dating

Austen Kroll was born on June 16th, 1987, in Washington, D.C., USA. He’s an American entrepreneur, TV personality, social media influencer, and licensed beer server. And he is the founder of The Kings Calling Brewing Company, which is highly known across the country. A native of the United States, Austen Kroll is a well-known actor. Southern Charm (2013), and Summer House (2017) are among his best-known roles (2017). Austin joined the cast of Southern Charm in the fourth season. Prior to that, he was a territory sales manager for Red Hare Brewing Company in Marietta, Georgia.

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Austen Kroll’s Boyfriend or Girlfriend on ‘southern Charm’?


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Since his appearance in the reality shows Lindsay, Ciara, Madison, and Chelsea, Austen has been dubbed a “reality TV Casanova.” After returning to the dating scene, Austen does not appear to have established an exclusive relationship with anyone.

Rumors of a romance between Austen and actress Olivia Flowers were sparked in February. They also appeared to be together on Valentine’s Day, uploading matching heart-shaped pizzas on social media.

In Season 8 of Southern Charm, it’s probable that fans will hear more about Olivia and Austen’s rumored romance. Everyone is waiting to see if Austen and Ciara are still together after filming wrapped on Summer House, or if they called it quits following his steamy on-screen romp with Lindsay.

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Are Austen Kroll and Ciara Miller in A Relationship?

who is austen kroll dating

Ciara and Austen struck up a friendship while vacationing in Vermont on Winter House, much to Lindsay’s displeasure

Ciara told Entertainment Tonight, “At first, I didn’t really like him.” “Throughout the day, I tell him this over and over again. ‘I thought you were just much too much,’ I said to myself. In the end, though, he won my heart in the most wonderful way possible.”

When he showed up to congratulate Lindsay on her birthday in Season 6, everything changed. When the word broke that they were still together, Ciara says she was surprised. “I absolutely assumed that we would just start up where we left off,” Ciara said after the debut of the episode.

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“There’s no doubt that when we’re together, the chemistry is there.” “She went on. “As a result, I had expected it to go in one direction. For a brief moment, yes… Then, things took a turn for the worse.

Since then, Lindsay has moved on and is currently seeing Carl Radke, whereas Ciara appears to be single. Her co-star and friend, Mya Allen, advises Austen to steer away from the Summer House dating scene going forward Mya told UsWeekly, “I’ve never seen anybody that chaotic in my life.” “Why are we allowing one guy to demolish all we’ve worked so hard on this summer??”

If Austen never returns to Summer House, I’m fine with that.” Moreover, I believe the drama should be contained to the Deep South “Mya chimed in, On Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo, you can catch all-new episodes of Summer House.

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