Who Is Alex Cooper Dating- Boyfriend, Relationship, Complete Info!

who is alex cooper dating

Call Her Daddy is a tremendously successful podcast hosted by Alex Cooper. After a very public conflict with Dave Portnoy, the show parted ways with its old producer, Barstool Sports, and signed a $60 million exclusive contract with Spotify. The agreement positions her as the second-highest-paid podcaster, after Joe Rogan.

Cooper is a contemporary Carrie Bradshaw in the sense that she discusses sex and relationships for a living. As one might expect of a modern Carrie Bradshaw, everyone is interested in Cooper’s romantic life. Cooper has discussed her secret boyfriend on her show for some time. Who is the man of mystery in Alex Cooper’s life?

Why Internet Sleuths Think Her Boyfriend Is Film Producer, Matt Kaplan

who is alex cooper dating

Obviously, a popular celebrity with a large fan base cannot shield their private life from inquiring minds and internet rumors. Cooper’s “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” is no different. Fans have gathered as much information as possible in an attempt to identify the mystery man, and they are pretty positive they know who he is.

Cooper has been so tight-lipped about her man’s identity that she has provided enough information for online detectives. Her lover, she explained, is a film producer. She has also uploaded several images of Henry, her boyfriend’s gorgeous puppy, on Instagram.

Due to their familiarity with his job and dog, people were able to identify his genuine name. They have determined that “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” is most likely produced by Matt Kaplan. While you may not recognize Matt Kaplan’s name, you almost surely recognize some of his work. He has produced several films and television programs.

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Interestingly, Cooper is now listed as Kaplan’s husband on his IMDb profile. This appears to be definitive proof of the couple’s relationship, but fans are left wondering if they are in fact married. There has been neither confirmation of their wedding nor formal confirmation.

Matt Kaplan and “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” are the same guy. According to Cooper, she would continue to discuss her personal life while concealing the name of “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.”

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Who Is Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend? Since 2020, Cooper has been dating film producer Matt Kaplan.

Despite sharing her romantic life on her podcast, the 26-year-old disclosed her boyfriend’s name to be Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. Cooper assigned this title to her coworker after meeting him at a business expansion session connected to a pandemic.

She met him at her house in Los Angeles, where they engaged in a lengthy conversation.

The Pennsylvania native exposes intimate details about her relationship on her podcast, hinting that her lover is more mature than her previous partners. She stated that he appreciates her profession and her choices.

According to various websites, Matt’s full name is Matthew Kaplan, and he is a well-known film producer. Matt was formerly married to film actress and performer Claire Holt.

According to Alex Cooper, This Athlete Provided Her Career a Boost.

Throughout 2017, “Call Her Daddy” host Alex Cooper and New York Mets baseball star Noah Syndergaard dated intermittently, with their final public appearance occurring at a Knicks basketball game in December. In the same month, Syndergaard appeared to reveal that his relationship with Cooper had ended by tweeting “Baseball is my significant other” alongside a picture of a single status update.

According to Reddit users, Cooper has purportedly discussed her connection with Syndergaard under the alias “Slim Shady.” It is unconfirmed that the term originates from his purported ability to juggle many ladies. As for what is obvious, Cooper verified to Bustle that she started dating Syndergaard as a senior at Boston University. Cooper also said that dating him helped her land an ad position at the Gotham magazine prior to the success of “Call Her Daddy.” Cooper stated, “I have no guilt in admitting that I landed the position mostly because to him.”

Alex Cooper Relationships:

who is alex cooper dating

Cooper acknowledges dating several players, but Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul are her most prominent exes. Prior to her fame, Cooper had an affair with the New York baseball pitcher Syndergaard.

The duo began dating in April 2017 and has participated in many gaming events together. “Baseball is my significant other,” tweeted Syndergaard, confirming their breakup.

His final public appearance was in December 2020 at a Knicks basketball game, where Syndergaard revealed their separation with a tweet that stated, “Baseball is my significant other.”

Several years ago, the podcasters disclosed their split and relationship with Syndergaard, whom she refers to in private as “Slim Shady.”

In addition to Syndergaard, Cooper had a brief connection with the well-known YouTuber Paul. The unknown is the precise day the couple began dating, however, on April 8, 2021, the celebrity presenter said she was seeing Paul. Early in 2020, Alexandra revealed that she had reconciled with an ex-boyfriend, although she did not disclose which one. Alex Cooper is rumored to be in a relationship with Matt Kaplan.

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Alex Cooper Wealth:

As a podcaster and writer, Alexandra Cooper has acquired impressive wealth. She has worked in this industry for almost five years and has acquired a substantial fortune through podcasts, blogs, and social media.

It is believed that her overall net worth, including all sources, podcast earnings, and social networking sites, is around $10 million. Despite her multimillion-dollar inheritance, she manages to maintain a luxury lifestyle.

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