White Male Professor Allegedly Posed As Black Woman Into Bully Women In The University Of New Hampshire | National

White Male Professor Allegedly Posed As Black Woman To Bully Women At The University Of New Hampshire | National

A white male professor in the University of New Hampshire Supposedly posed as a”woman of Colour” to bully fellow staff members. )

Craig Chapman was fired for allegedly covertly linking under the title that the Science Femme and manage @piney_the to criticize progressives, transgender men and women, and individuals of colour for his own 13,000 followers.

In accordance with this school’s paper, The New Hampshire, at a June 30 article on Twitter,” Chapman tweeted,”I had been effective in murdering my mum’s woke announcement on current social unrest,” calling it”a poisonous ideology that can’t be granted an inch”

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He bragged about”eliminating all awakened vocabulary in the announcement containing anti-racism, white supremacy, white innocence, and promises of systemic racism.” The two Chapman’s private and burner balances have been deleted.

Chapman also supposedly used his bogus accounts to fight claims of sexism and racism, also since in fact he had been committing the individuality of a female of colour.

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“You realize I am a girl of colour, correct? Racist,” The Science Femme report responded.

In different articles, he promised to be”an undercover woman of colour who grew up in poverty, and sleeping on a dirt floor”

Chapman will be the most current in a string of white men and women who’ve faked their own race.

Back in September, Black Lives Issue manager Satchuel Cole, confessed she’s white and was pretending to be Dark for decades, agreeing to the area and guaranteed to find treatment.

Obviously the most well-known example might be Rachel Dolezal, a former chapter president of the NAACP, that had been outed for faking to be Black at 2015.

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