White House Staff Can Not Wait Until Trump Leaves!!

According to another report, Democrats aren’t the only ones who aren’t able to wait till President Donald Trump renders the White House — that the team can not wait .

Based on a report from TMZ,” White House staffers — such as cleaning, care and kitchen employees — are now”walking on eggshells” while at work.

sources inform the socket which they are attempting to remain out of the way because he’s in a rage within the current election outcomes. Trump was hitting the primary nations where he’d reductions with a litigation. On Wednesday, Georgia declared a hand .


Staffers are also apparently awaiting Kamala Harris’ existence in the construction.

“We are advised the feminine White House staffers believe that this really is a game-changer… along with her existence and representation has assembled a giddy sense of expectation,” the breaking news outlet accounts.

Trump remains struggling to concede and states that he won’t depart the White House. President-elect Joe Biden is moving forward as planned.

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