White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Says White House Will Not Control The Pandemic

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows claims White House won’t Control The Pandemic

Mark Meadows, ” the White House Chief of Staff, has confessed the Trump government won’t be controlling the outbreak.

Over 220,000 individuals have died from the virus in america alone.

“We are not likely to control the outbreak,” Meadows told CNN”We all will restrain the simple fact that people buy vaccines, therapeutics, and additional mitigations. What we will need to do is make sure we possess the correct reduction factors, while it’s remedies or treatments or vaccines to ensure people do not die from that.”

Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden introduced a statement after the opinions:

“This was not a slide by Meadows, it turned out to be a blunt acknowledgement of that which President Trump’s plan has obviously been from the start of the tragedy: to wave the white flag of defeat and expect that by dismissing it, that the virus could just go away. It has not, and it will not,” he explained.

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