White House Barriers, Walls Proceed Before Election Day

President Trump is Becoming a Second wall Mounted, but it Is nowhere Close to the southern Boundary… this one Is in the White House.

Preparations are in full swing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to get a doomsday situation on Election Day — fences and obstacles are moving outside the President’s house, with dim times maybe round the corner.

As you may see, that the White House is currently a entire structure zone Monday — on election eve — since employees are busy setting up wooden and metallic counter tops, and a huge cement truck is there also.

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It is another ominous indication as Election Day draws near… items are already becoming mad across the Nation ahead of votes are counted.

As we reported… authorities made a massive series of power during the weekend at Beverly Hills, in which throngs of demonstrators gathered.

The boarded-up White House drops based on what we have seen in Washington D.C., in which it appears the entire city is hunkering down and bracing for violence and unrest.

No word if Mexico is paying to get the brand new White House walls.

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