Where Did They Shoot Napolean Dynamite?

where was napoleon dynamite filmed

Even if you haven’t heard of Napoleon Dynamite before, chances are that you’ll appreciate it if you’re a fan of great comedy classics. An animated sitcom with the same name was made based on the film eight years after its first release because of how well-liked it was. If you haven’t watched Napoleon Dynamite but are thinking about it, we’ve discussed some of the film’s most memorable and hilarious moments as well as various locations used during production.

This is the story of Napoleon, a socially awkward high school kid, and his out-of-the-ordinary experiences at home and in the classroom. He is a senior in high school and lives in Preston, Idaho with his grandmother and older brother, Kip (who is over 30). Kip has no job but wants to train for a fight in a cage.

His grandma breaks her coccyx while riding an ATV in the sand dunes, and his uncle Rico comes to take care of the family while she heals. You can count Rico as one of Napoleon’s main opponents, even though he isn’t a villain per se. He has an inflated sense of self-importance, is easily manipulated, and is extremely rude.

where was napoleon dynamite filmed

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As far as anyone can tell, Napoleon doesn’t mind being an outcast in school. He takes his own path, spending lunch hours alone and regaling his coworkers with tales of magic and the fantastical in the form of drawings of fantastical animals. He’s got huge glasses, a red afro, and no social skills to speak of. It’s difficult to take him seriously because of these reasons.

Then he becomes friends with Pedro, a Mexican transfer student, and Deb, a timid girl who does odd jobs to pay for university. Now that Pedro has decided to run for student body president, he must face off against Summer Wheatley, a popular but arrogant student.

The protagonists aren’t the glamorous type, which only adds to the story’s endearing qualities. They could appear to be a bumbling bunch who do foolish things. But soon you will see that their decisions aren’t so illogical.

Where to Find Everything from Napoleon Dynamite

where was napoleon dynamite filmed

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The filmmakers of this cult classic comedy shot on site all over the town, as the action takes place there. Since most of the story takes place in the author’s own life, a lavish set design is unnecessary for this adaptation of Napoleon Dynamite. Production began in July 2003 and wrapped in August of the same year, a span of over 20 days.

Fans of “Napoleon Dynamite” who want to see where some of the scenes were shot need to travel to the small, out-of-the-way town of Preston in southern Idaho. It is around 100 miles north of Salt Lake City. Our hero and his brother dwell in the northeastern area of town.

The hilarious comedy film was a smashing success and boosted Preston, Idaho’s profile considerably. Everywhere from the homes of the movie’s main characters to Preston High School itself, visitors from all over the world came to Preston to see the locations where the film was shot. The movie garnered so much attention to the sleepy hamlet that visitors can now buy a map marking all the best-known spots from Napoleon Dynamite.

St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho, Franklin, Idaho, and Richmond, Utah were also used by the Napoleon Dynamite production to bring the story to life.

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