Where Was “Groundhog Day” Filmed?

where was groundhog day filmed

When a cynical TV weatherman travels to the little town of Punxsutawney to make a program about the town’s annual Groundhog Day, he finds himself reliving the same day over and over again. His dilemma stresses him out until he realizes how to use it to his advantage.

Where Exactly Did Filming for “Groundhog Day” Take Place?

The movie wasn’t shot in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, despite the fact that the book and TV special are set there. According to Penn Live, production actually took place in Woodstock, Illinois. At 108 Cass Street, where Phil keeps splashing water on himself, there is a plaque commemorating the location.

The inscription proclaims, “Bill Murray walked here.” Woodstock has celebrated Groundhog Day in full since the release of the film over 20 years ago, with events including walking tours of the movie’s filming locations and forecasts from the town’s own groundhog, Woodstock Willie.

Who Else Stars in Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day?”

Groundhog Day is most commonly associated with Bill Murray, but Andie MacDowell also had a significant role in the film as Rita Hanson, Murray’s on-screen girlfriend. Christopher Elliott plays cameraman Larry, Stephen Tobolowsky plays mayor Ned Ryerson, Brian Doyle-Murray plays bus driver Buster Green, Marita Geraghty plays Nancy Taylor, Angela Paton plays Mrs. Lancaster, Rick Ducommun plays Gus, Rick Overton plays Ralph, and Robin Duke plays waitress Doris.

Where You Can Watch Groundhog Day

A number of options exist for viewing Groundhog Day. While you won’t be able to locate Groundhog Day on Netflix or Hulu, you can watch it for free with a 7-day trial on Philo or fuboTV. The film is also available on AMC, accessible with a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) account.

Read our article on where to view Groundhog Day online without spending a dime for additional information. Prime Video, Microsoft, Vudu, Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, and FandangoNOW are just some of the many rental options where you may get Groundhog Day.

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The Stars of “groundhog Day”

To Paraphrase Bill Murray in The Words of Phil Connors

where was groundhog day filmed

Director Harold Ramis originally wanted to cast someone else as the sarcastic weatherman Phil in Groundhog Day, but Tom Hanks won over. However, Ramis ultimately decided against casting Hanks as Phil because he was too lovely of a guy. Ramis clearly only knew Hanks from his films and not from his brief TV series Bosom Buddies, in which he played a character with some Phil Connors traits.

Bill Murray was unquestionably born to play Phil, effectively tapping into all of the various emotional responses a situation like reliving one day for the equivalent of centuries would stimulate. This is despite Ramis’s shortsightedness with regard to Hanks (and the potential for Michael Keaton, who turned the role down).

Murray gives what many people consider to be the most completely developed performance of his career, hitting the proper note in every moment whether he’s supposed to be sardonic, disgusted, sweet, bitter, romantic, nihilistic, or stoically resigned.

A. Mac Dowell, Andie the Rita Hanson Hypothesis

where was groundhog day filmed

A Lot of People at The Time of Greystoke’s Release Remembered Andie Mac Dowell Just as The Cute Young Actress Whose Lines Were Dubbed by Glenn Close. Though Practically Every American Actress Has Attempted a Southern Accent in A Film (typically with Less than Stellar Results), Directors Had Been Adamantly Opposed to Having Mad Dowell Use Her Native North Carolina Accent.

Not until Harold Ramis Decided to Make Her the Murrays’ Love Interest Did She Become a Household Name. Mac Dowell’s Career Was Revived Thanks to Her Performance, and She Went on To Play Several Significant Roles in High-Profile Films without Having to Resort to Voice Dubbing or Mask Her Native Accent.

Elliott, Chris in The Person of Larry, the Camera Operator

where was groundhog day filmed

Like Tom Hanks, Chris Elliott Rose to Fame Thanks to A Slew of Offbeat Characters in Recurring Gags on Late Night with David Letterman Before Appearing in The Brilliant but Short-Lived Sitcom Get a Life. the Decision to Cast Elliott, a Funny Performer with A Large, Dark Vein of Snarkiness Himself, Opposite Bill Murray Was Not without Its Hazards. the Pairing Worked Brilliantly Because It Gave Both Actors Room to Display Their Cynical Sense of Humor.

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The Stephen Tobolowsky John Ryerson, Aka Ned Ryerson

where was groundhog day filmed

One of Hollywood’s Most Adaptable Character Performers Plays the Obnoxious, Outgoing Street Guy Who Gets Punched by Phil. Around the Turn of The 21st Century, Stephen Tobolowsky Unofficially Succeeded James Brown as The Entertainment Industry’s Hardest Working Man.

Tobolowsky Has Been Working Continuously as An Actor Since the Mid-1980s, yet It Still Took Him About 30 Years to Build up His Impressive Record of 250 Roles. in Comparison, Mickey Rooney’s Career Spanned 80 Years yet Resulted in Only 330 or So Credits.

Ceremony Host for Groundhog Day, Brian Doyle-Murray Buster

where was groundhog day filmed

Brian Doyle-Murray, Bill’s Older Brother, Has a Cameo in Every Bill Murray Film that Wasn’t Directed by Wes Anderson. Since His Younger Brother Bill Became a Regular on The Original Saturday Night Live, Brian Has Been Overshadowed by His More Famous Sibling, Despite the Fact that He Is Perhaps Just as Funny.

It’s Interesting that He Became a Regular on The Second Season of Chris Elliott’s Comedy. Brian Has Also Given Several Memorable and Hilarious Cameo Roles in Films Where the Main Character Is a Young Man Who Looks Similar to Him and Shares Part of His Last Name.

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