Where Is Samuel Goldberg Now: Is He in New York?

where is samuel goldberg now

Keeping the Faith (2000), Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), and Silo are among Samuel Goldberg’s best-known works (2019).
Ellen Greenberg, a young schoolteacher who is engaged to television producer Samuel Goldberg, was declared ineffectual of their residence on January 26, 2011.

Where Is Samuel Goldberg Now?

Now, Samuel Goldberg, his wife, and their two kids reside in New York. After Ellen passed away, he kept in touch with the family for over a year.

Sam was never detained or charged in relation to the passing of his fiancée.

In January 2011, Ellen, 27, was found dead after being stabbed 20 times in the kitchen of her Philadelphia apartment. The Medical Examiner’s Office first classified her death as a homicide. She received 10 stab wounds to her chest, 10 wounds to her stomach, 10 wounds to her head, and 10 wounds to her neck. The moment she was discovered, a knife was still in her chest.

At the time, authorities asserted that there were no signs of a struggle and that Ellen’s apartment door had been shut from the inside.

where is samuel goldberg now

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The investigation was finally concluded after Medical Examiner Marlon Osbourne changed the cause of death from an unknown cause to suicide.

But ten years after Ellen’s death, her parents are still sure that their daughter did not kill herself, and they are now calling for the case to be reopened. Joshua, her father, is “100%” convinced that his daughter was killed.

“Ten years have passed. I’m not leaving. In 2021, he told reporters, “I’m going to pursue justice for my daughter.

Additionally, Joe Podraza, the attorney for the Greenberg family, told reporters in 2021 that new evidence contradicts the statements of the investigators that the young instructor took the woman’s life.

The Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General said that several searches connected to suicide and homicide had been made on Ellen’s laptop computer laptop in the weeks preceding her death.

However, in agreement with Attorney Podraza, the hard drive that was later analyzed by the FBI lab in 2011 did not include any such searches.

The results of the hard drive examination by the attorney’s private expert confirmed what the FBI found: Ellen didn’t look for anything related to suicide before she passed away.

Her fiance, Samuel Goldberg, with whom she shared a home, had discovered the coach’s body.

Samuel told the police that he had forced his way inside the door since it was locked from the inside. Samuel claimed that he left her to visit the building’s health club at about 4.45 p.m. and returned at 5.30 p.m. to discover that he was unable to enter.

Additionally, neighbors corroborated hearing him yell for Ellen via the doorway.

a furious person Samuel started calling Ellen instead of texting her the next nine times: I’m becoming irate, “hey,” “open the door,” “what r u doing,” “hello,” “you better have a reason,” and “what the f***” “U have no idea,” I reply.

Samuel then returned downstairs to ask the security guard of the rental building whether he (the guard) had any software that he could use to break in. The guard refused. He came back with a number of cases and asked the guard to come back with him so they could help smash down the door.

Investigator Thomas P. Brennan Jr. expressed his displeasure at the “complete absence of basic police work” that he saw at any point during the murder of Ellen in the year 2020.

According to Brennan Jr., “In a case like this, in a condo complex, it’s basic police work. When you arrive, you survey the situation and tell the two other men to check the trash. However, they in no way did that. They did absolutely nothing.

“They entered, took a look around, yelled “Suicide,” and then walked out.”

Josh and Sandee, Ellen’s parents, said that something had been bothering their daughter in the weeks preceding her death.

Still, they didn’t think she was considering suicide.

Ellen told her parents that she wanted to quit her work and “return home” a few weeks before she passed away. They told her that while she was welcome to return home if she so desired, they wished for her to seek anxiety treatment.

Ellen explained to them that the stress of planning a wedding was to blame; she was scheduled to wed Samuel Goldberg in August 2011 and had only sent out “Save the Date” playing cards four days prior to passing away. In addition, work was extremely busy.

The father of Ellen remarked, “There was a problem. Her character was altered. Although she pretended there was too much work, the instructor who took over Ellen’s class commented that everything was excellent after seeing her books and markings.

The therapist Ellen observed gave her Ambien and Klonopin for anxiety. The police cited this as additional evidence that a suicide had been discovered. But psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Berman, who had seen Ellen three times before she passed away, was certain that her new patient was not suicidal.

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