Where Is Leah Askey Now? Tracking Her Footsteps in The Present Day!

where is leah askey now

It is common knowledge that the team investigating Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria’s death failed dismally. This seems like a significant understatement. Betsy, a Missouri cancer patient, was discovered on December 27 at her residence with more than 55 stab wounds and a steak knife embedded in her neck. Russ Faria, the spouse of Betsy, witnessed a terrifying scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The man called 911 wailing uncontrollably and reported that his wife had committed suicide.

Russ’s phone conversation was criticized because it was so clear that poor, sweet Betsy had been murdered. To put it mildly, the man was likely stunned. Russ became the primary suspect in his wife’s murder almost immediately. He was found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison before his conviction was overturned in 2015.

Who specifically was the killer? Pamela Hupp, a Missouri-based stay-at-home mother of two, was the perpetrator. Betsy’s lifelong best friend Pam exemplified the term “Karen,” remaining by her side throughout the ups and downs of her marriage and the emotional roller coaster of her chemo treatments.

In spite of this, it was disclosed that Pam intended to murder Betsy in order to collect on the life insurance policy for which she had become the beneficiary only days prior to the murder.

Pam exerted significant effort to frame Russ, and she was fortunate that neither the police nor District Attorney Leah Askey noticed or cared about the extensive list of errors she committed. Based on a true crime story is the miniseries The Thing About Pam, starring Renée Zellweger and Judy Greer (Jawbreaker). Leah Askey exists in the real world; her current location is worthy of discussion.

Where Is Attorney Leah Askey Now?

where is leah askey now

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Askey is now known as Leah Chaney after remarrying. She continues to practice law in a private practice where she handles family law, criminal defense, landlord-tenant, personal injury, and expungement cases.

The attorney served as the prosecuting attorney of Lincoln County, Missouri, for eight years, but in 2018 she was defeated by Mike Wood in her bid for re-election.

Wood pledged during his campaign to reopen the Betsy Faria murder investigation, and in 2021 he charged Hupp with her murder. Hupp, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Louis Gumpenberger, has refuted all allegations made against her in the ongoing case.

Greer, who portrays the series’ lawyer, told Newsweek that Chaney had spoken to The Thing About Pam’s showrunner Klein and producers, but not to her directly.

Greer explained, “It’s not like we’re imitating these people; it’s not a reenactment; it’s our version of the story.” “Therefore, in many respects, I do not know if it was necessary or how helpful it would be. I mean, it works really well for some individuals, but I didn’t feel I needed it in this instance.”

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Chaney spoke with KSDK about the 2011 homicide case, revealing that she regretted “ever running for prosecuting attorney” but did not regret how she handled the case itself, despite allegations of inadequate investigation.

Chaney told the news station, “If I had to do it again, I would absolutely not do it again. It’s very difficult to be a woman in a position of power, especially when you’re up against defense attorneys who had some sort of score to settle or a grudge to bear at some point.

“At the same time that I’m doing that, I’m also going through a divorce, and you know, I wouldn’t do it again if I had the chance. But do I have any misgivings about how I performed my duties? I don’t.

I have no regrets in this regard because I believe that everything I did was done in an effort to ensure that we were on the correct path and not prosecuting someone who should not have been charged with a crime.

Chaney stated that some individuals have attempted to have her disbarred multiple times and have accused her of “despicable things across the board” in an effort to discredit her and “destroy my character both professionally and personally.”

The attorney explained that each case brought against her was dismissed because there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations, but she admitted she had “grown tired” of these efforts to discredit her.

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