Where Is Edp445 Now? Uncovering Edp445’s Current Hideout!

where is edp445 now

The eccentric and controversial YouTube personality Edp445 has had a significant impact on the landscape of online entertainment. However, his presence has diminished in recent years, leaving many admirers curious as to his current whereabouts and activities.

Where Is Edp445 Now?

Despite having his YouTube account deleted, EDP445 has maintained a presence on a number of social media sites, including Instagram, where he has 85K followers. His TikTok account was deleted most recently in February 2023.

He has also conducted interviews for other YouTubers and continues to publish broadcasts on his own websites. In March 2023, a video containing what appeared to be EDP445 claiming that the sting operation he participated in was a hoax was released online. Eventually, however, it became apparent that the footage was fabricated by AI.

In addition, EDP445 has been the subject of allegations claiming he has kidney failure and is ill. These rumors were also false, and he has denied them frequently and publicly.

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Moreland is the most recent celebrity or social media personality to be rumored dead. The allegation spread rapidly online, making “Edp445 dead” a trending topic on Twitter and TikTok.

As the ex-YouTuber had previously claimed during a live stream that he was in stage five renal failure, many people fell for the hoax.

However, he is very much alive and intends to revive his internet vocation. According to reports, Moreland created a TikTok account in February 2022, which gained more than 170,000 followers rapidly.

Others claim he has attempted a revival on Instagram and Facebook as well.

When Did the Trend Start?

The trend appeared to gain significant online traction on May 10, 2023, but some tweets imply the rumor originated in March. Many began expressing their condolences and opinions about Moreland, despite the fact that there was no official report corroborating the rumor.

In December 2022, a similar mortality hoax targeted the ex-vlogger, causing a similar social media frenzy.

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As rumors of Moreland’s demise spread like wildfire, there was little sympathy for the celebrity. The vast majority of users were unmoved by the purported news, with some even expressing evident joy.

Others hypothesized that it was an attempt to garner support as he attempts to re-enter the online community. One individual stated, “I still cannot believe they discovered my son Edp445 dead in his home.”

Someone else questioned, “Is Epd445 finally dead?”

A third said, “It’s crazy that people are celebrating Edp445’s death when he’s not even dead yet.”

A fourth wrote, “Edp445 might be dead, or at least his career is.”

While a fifth asked, “Yo, real concern, is Edp445 already dead? He mentioned having a month remaining in January.”

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