Where Is Drew Drechsel Now? Tracing Drew Drechsel’s Current Whereabouts!

where is drew drechsel now

Drew Drechsel, the renowned champion of American Ninja Warrior, has captivated audiences with his extraordinary athleticism and determination. His trajectory took an unexpected turn in recent years, leading to both success and controversy. Today, we examine Drew Drechsel’s current status, highlighting his achievements and shedding light on the obstacles he has confronted.

Where Is Drew Drechsel Now?

where is drew drechsel now

Drechsel was accused of severe crimes, including having sexual relations with a minor. According to the lawsuit filed against him, Drechsel allegedly ‘enticed and coerced’ this minor to travel to Connecticut ‘to engage in clandestine sexual conduct,’ engaged in inappropriate communication with her, and convinced her to send him sexually explicit images of herself.

The incident occurred between January 2015 and December 2016 and began when the minor was 14 years old and the two met after an event at which numerous ‘American Ninja Warrior competitors were present. However, the complaint was lodged when the minor disclosed her experience to her mother in July 2015, after Drechsel allegedly engaged in sexual activity with her. Notably, Drechsel did not deny the sexual activity, but he stated that he was unaware of her age at the time.

Drechsel was charged with filming child pornography, enticing a minor to travel for illicit sexual conduct, traveling with the intent to engage in such conduct with a minor, and using interstate commerce to entice a minor. As of 2022, Drechsel was incarcerated in the federal penitentiary in downtown Philadelphia. He was awaiting his court date. The court has repeatedly denied him parole. In addition, his legal team has repeatedly pushed back the trial date. He awaits the court’s final decision.

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Is Drew Drechsel Married? Relationship to Spouse

where is drew drechsel now

No, Drew Drechsel is currently serving his sentence at a prison in Philadelphia, preventing him from marrying his long-term fiancée, April Beckner. He has not yet made her his cherished bride.

After Drechsel’s arrest, she entirely cut herself off from the media and the general public. The couple also has a son named Korey. Almost three years of age.

When she was younger, she coached at the New Era Gym in Connecticut. During her 2017 Ninja Games participation, she competed in the National Ninja League championship.

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Drew Drechsel Fired from ‘American Ninja Warrior Season 11

In addition to winning Season 11 of ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ Drechsel has served as a coach on the spin-off series ‘American Ninja Warrior Junior,’ which features competitors aged 9 to 14 years old. Nonetheless, after Drechsel’s allegations made headlines, the NBC show’s producers and directors were horrified and disturbed. NBC immediately severed all ties with Drechsel. The Season 11 winner’s appearance on Season 12 of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ was re-edited.

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