Where Is David Stewart Now: Check It Out!

where is david stewart now

One individual, posing as a police officer, conned multiple others into submitting to strip searches. David Richard Stewart was apprehended by authorities after he allegedly called random businesses and induced their employees to engage in sexual actions with one another.

Which Begs the Question: Who Was David Richard Stewart?

David Richard Stewart was arrested in Panama City, Florida, where he was working as a security guard for a Walmart. At the time of the crime, the suspect, then 38 years old, was married to a woman named Julie Stewart and the two of them had five children together.

where is david stewart now

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Stewart was identified by police as the perpetrator of several hoax phone calls to eating establishments and other companies. The father of five posed as a police officer throughout these calls.

He would take advantage of the folks who answered his prank calls by asking them to engage in sexual activity. Callers who later realized Stewart was faking their experience reported him to the real police.

When Did David Get Arrested?

On June 30, 2004, authorities in Kentucky, North Dakota, Nevada, Florida, and Georgia all stated they had received phone calls from someone claiming to be Stewart asking for sexual favors or a wire transfer. Stewart reported a crime at a McDonald’s in Mount Washington, Kentucky, which led to his own imprisonment.

To pull this off, he posed as someone else and gave his name as “Officer Scott.” When Officer Scott needed to speak with the manager at Mount Washington McDonald’s on April 9, 2004, he dialed the number listed for Donna Summers.

He lied to Summers and provided an insufficient description of an employee who was suspected of stealing from the company. Summers recognized 18-year-old staff member Louise Ogborn as the girl “Officer Scott” described, even though Summers knew the narrative was false.

where is david stewart now

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For over three hours, Stewart interrogated Summers and her boyfriend, Walter Nix Jr., claiming that they were investigating a theft and needed to strip-search Ogborn.

The incident was captured on camera, and the call was eventually traced to Panama City, Florida. Stewart was detained on suspicion of impersonating a police officer with the intent to entrap a victim in a sexual act.

Can Anyone Tell Me What Happened to David Stewart?

The phone cards used in the strip search were purchased by Stewart in plain view of the police. When the calls started coming in, he wasn’t there, and they looked at his itinerary to prove it.

However, it was felt that the evidence was contradictory. There was no evidence for the police to conclude that David was responsible for making those calls. As a result of the jury’s acquittal, David Stewart’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

The cops were unsuccessful; all they knew was that the phone calls stopped after the trial. David has been silent in media interviews.

Producers of “Don’t Pick Up the Phone” attempted to contact him so he could give his side of the tale, but he declined.

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