Where Is Brock Turner Now? Here’s What We Know!

where is brock turner now

It has been a number of years since Brock Turner’s infamous sexual assault case made international headlines. The former student at Stanford University’s actions sparked outrage and essential conversations about consent and justice. This article examines where Brock Turner is currently and provides an update on his life following the incident.

What Happened to Brock Turner?

where is brock turner now

Turner was a three-time Stanford All-American swimmer at the time of his indictment. Before disciplinary action could be taken, he withdrew from the university, and USA Swimming issued a statement prohibiting Turner from participating in competitive swimming for the team. Judge Aaron Persky was criticized for his lenient sentencing of Turner, who was also accused by another woman of inappropriate physical advances days prior to the sexual assault. In 2018, Californian voters recalled Judge Persky.

CNN reports that in August 2018, a California appeals court denied Brock Turner’s appeal, citing a lack of evidence to support his three convictions. Turner’s counsel argued that there was insufficient evidence to support the convictions. Turner’s attorney, Eric Multhaup, argued that there was no intention to rape because Turner was “fully clothed and engaged in forms of sexual conduct other than intercourse.”

Evidently, Mr. Multhaup believed that Turner’s attire precluded a rape. That is obviously not how rape works. The petition was denied.

The Daily Mail reported in June 2019 that Turner held an entry-level position at Tark Inc., a company that manufactures cooling technology for medical devices, earning $12 per hour. At the time, the then 24-year-old lived with his parents in Bellbrook, Ohio.

“He is extremely courteous and quiet. He is not particularly talkative or outgoing with others. According to a source, he simply keeps his head down and performs his duties without issue.

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Where Is Brock Turner Now?

where is brock turner now

In 2022, Turner is still residing in Ohio, where women are using social media to warn each other about his movements. VICE signaled the expansion of a network of women who use Turner’s status as registered sexual offender to keep each other secure.

“Brock Turner currently resides in the vicinity of Dayton, Ohio. According to a Facebook post, he is frequenting local pubs. “Do not permit him to depart with a woman who is intoxicated. Identify him to the women. Inform the bartender and security guards. Brock Turner is unfit for public display.”

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Also appearing on TikTok are variants of this message. One user warned, “Everyone should be on high alert.”

While VICE was unable to confirm Turner’s bad habits, they pointed out that “as long as there have been men who cross lines, women have warned one another to stay away from them.”

Chanel Miller, who was assaulted by Turner, eventually underwent her own rehabilitation process.

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