When Can the Friends Reunion Air?

We couldn’t be more enthusiastic: that the Friends reunion is happening for real! ) It has been rumored for a while that there are quite a reunion special of those iconic sitcom, and it’s officially in the works. When can we see our favorites back ?

Based on Matthew Perry, it is all occurring in March 2021.” Friends reunion being rescheduled to the start of March. Seems like we’ve got a busy season coming up. And that is how I like it” Perry tweeted Nov. 12.

Friends reunion being rescheduled to the start of March. Seems like we’ve got a busy season coming up. And that is how I like it!

— matthew perry (@MatthewPerry) November 12, 2020

The Friends reunion particular was originally assumed to go together with the launch of HBO Max last past May. But, because of questions surrounding the spread of this novel coronavirus (COVID-19)that the manufacturing was pushed .

HBO Max famously awakened the loading rights to the whole original collection of Friends, that abandoned its preceding streaming house in Netflix at November 2019. Even the Friends reunion is going to be a significant must-see event off the bat to get HBO’s new streaming support, which reaches a crowded and competitive marketplace for loading.

“Guess you can call this one where they got back — we’re reuniting with David, Jennifer, Courteney, Matt, Lisa and Matthew to an HBO Max unique that’ll be programmed along with the whole Friends library,” Kevin Reilly, chief content officer in HBO Max, said in an announcement THR. “I had been conscious of Friends as it had been at the very first phases of growth and had the chance to focus on the show several decades afterwards and have reveled in watching it catch on with audiences generation following generation. It pops into a age when buddies — and viewers — assembled together instantly and we believe this reunion particular will catch that soul, combining original and new lovers.”

THR reported that the specific will be filmed on Phase 24 of this Warner Bros.. Studio lot in Burbank, CA, in which the first series was taken. All of the first stars have been signed and can also executive produce, together with a ton of different manufacturers. The six cast members shared with the information for their individual Instagrams, all with the identical promotional picture along with the caption”It is occurring” — except for Matt LeBlanc, whose article had the exact same caption but jokingly employed a photograph of this M*A*S*H throw instead.

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