WhatsApp’s new feature fixes common problem with calls, but creates new one

WhatsApp's new feature fixes common problem with calls, but creates new one

WhatsApp is the go-to app for communication, be it in a form of a message, a call or a video call. WhatsApp is the biggest cross-platform instant messaging application with more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. The introduction of voice calls in 2015 made so much sense, users rely on it most often than not. But WhatsApp failed to offer the most common feature of call waiting to calls, resulting in users not realising when they received a new call while on a call.

As a result of this shortcoming, users would see missed calls only after they end an active call on WhatsApp. Users had no option to know otherwise, which resulted in missing urgent or important calls. But that changes now with WhatsApp finally introducing call waiting facility to the app.

WhatsApp for iOS received call waiting feature recently, but now the Android version of the app has also been updated with the new feature. With this, WhatsApp joins the list of VoIP apps to support call waiting, which isn’t too long. The next time you’re on a WhatsApp call, you’ll be notified if someone tries to call you.

The introduction of call waiting in WhatsApp is a welcoming feature, but it fixes one problem only to create another. WhatsApp users will be notified of a new while on another call, but they won’t be able to do much. The only option WhatsApp is giving to its users is to disconnect the current call to answer the new call.

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WhatsApp doesn’t support putting users on hold while answering the new call on waiting. Users can ignore the new call or answer it, but it will disconnect the existing call. If you choose to ignore, you will need to call back once you end the call. It makes sense to have call hold facility on WhatsApp now more than ever, but there’s no indication of that happening.  

WhatsApp tests new features with its beta testers before rolling it out to the public. Once the call hold feature hits the beta version of its apps, we will be able to know of its arrival. Until then, we can only hope.

WhatsApp has introduced several new features to the app of late. Users now have the option to secure chats with fingerprint lock, control who can add them to groups and more. But there are far more exciting features in the pipeline, which include the long-awaited dark mode, ephemeral messages, among others.

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