WhatsApp confirms that its app is sending spyware in phones in Israel & calling is compromised

whatsapp spyware attack

WhatsApp spyware attack

The worst nightmare of the users of WhatsApp has come to life. Ever Since Facebook took possession of WhatsApp via acquisition, the users had questions related to the safety of the world’s popular messaging platform. Facebook has made a bad name for itself for collecting the data of the users. So, many speculations came forward over five years stating that Facebook may keep tabs on the texts.

Well, the conversations that users make on WhatsApp might be recorded by a third party. If a company curates a potent malware, then intercepting the conversations will become easy, according to Financial Times’ reports. The report states that a company in Israel successfully installed malware which could put surveillance on the phone calls. Most importantly the phone calls that people make via the app.

WhatsApp said that the app is vulnerable, but the messaging platform did not reveal the perpetrator.

Whatsapp Spyware attack in Israel

Spokesperson of WhatsApp said that the people should upgrade to the latest version of the app. On the other hand, WhatsApp also advises people to keep their mobile operating system up to date. As of now, protection of the devices with confidential information from the exploits is necessary. WhatsApp also said that the messaging service is working alongside significant industry partners to deliver better and robust security enhancements.

According to the Financial Times, the name of the Israeli company is NSO Group. WhatsApp confirms that attack came from a privatized company which works alongside the government to provide malware. The messaging platform also said that only specific numbers of users were compromised from the malware.

The significant reason why WhatsApp became widely popular around the globe is due to end-to-end encryption. And if malware can breach and decode the message between two or more parties, then the privacy of the users aren’t private anymore. WhatsApp has made contact with the authorities of the Justice Department to look after the matter.

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