Whatsapp latest version download features revealed

WhatsApp latest version download features revealed

Whatsapp is the number of social messaging app in the world. This Facebook-owned platform is having billions of users across the globe and it is already downloaded in almost every single smartphone. That’s why WhatsApp developers are so dedicated to providing unique and helpful features in their every app upgrade. Now WhatsApp latest version App download and features are reveled by some popular news websites.

Privacy is the main concern these days and whatsapp comes with a solution in their upcoming app update release.

WhatsApp latest version features:

1. Encrypted backup for WhatsApp data

2. New messaging emojis and app icon

3. QR code scan support

If you download latest version of Whatsapp app in your smartphone then possibly you can feel safe with the help of Encrypted backups and that is going to add in world popular social messaging app very soon.

A picture can explain a thousand words and these days pictures are emojis in social messaging. Now Whatsapp is planning to add more attractive and useful emojis and app icons in the messaging platform. This will make their app handier to use and also consumes less time to type.

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Now after the release of WhatsApp latest version download, you will be able to use one of the most awaited features that are Scanning QR codes. This feature will only be available in the Whatsapp business app.
Here people can get details of any listed business by just scanning their QR code.

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