Check your WhatsApp is compromised by spyware or not and tips to recover it

whatsapp spyware attack

Whatsapp Compromised 2019

A recent Day Zero vulnerability has shaken the community of WhatsApp. The attackers exploited the messaging platform by injecting powerful spyware to the phones of the victims. According to the sources, the attack was for a specific group of people.

The Financial Times was the first media outlet to report about the vulnerability. The messaging platform is yet to make a response to Threatpost about the details of the vulnerability. Nevertheless, Financial Times said that NSO Group is responsible for curating the spyware code. By the looks of it, the spyware brings a surveillance code like that of Pegasus spyware which targets iPhones and Android smartphones around the globe.

How to detect if WhatsApp has been affected by malicious spyware?

There is no way for the users to know if their WhatsApp account has been compromised. However, the good news is that not everyone who is using WhatsApp is prone to the attack. According to the sources, the notable lawyers and journalists around the world were prone to the attack.

There was also a report on Monday which said that one of the attackers made attempts to exploit WhatsApp. But the messaging platform was able to block the attacker from inflicting damage to the database of WhatsApp.

How to protect WhatsApp account?

The security firms around the world are asking the WhatsApp users to update their apps to the latest version. The researchers at Kaspersky Lab said that the only thing that the users can do is make their WhatsApp up-to-date.

After the attack, WhatsApp has made several bugs fixes and improvements to the app. The iOS and Android users can go to the App Store or Play Store to update the app, WhatsApp. If the users do not see the update option that means they are using the version of the app.

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